Town Hall Sniping: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Town Hall snipers are some of the most hated people in this game, however you might say that its a great way to earn fast trophies. In this post I will be talking about the good, the bad, and the ugly of Town Hall sniping.

Town Hall Sniping Basics:

Mostly, the only people who Town Hall snipe are Town Hall 6-7 since they lack the troops to push in any other way. From one Town Hall snipe you get between 4-11 trophies depending on difficulty (A revenge raid can get you more or less).  Usually if you want to start Town Hall sniping for trophies, then you want to have mostly archers/barbarians plus a couple giants in case hidden teslas spring out. I would recommend (for 180 troops space) bringing 10 giants, 80 archers, and 50 barbarians. If you want to be a farmer, then simply put your Town Hall outside your walls and fill in the hole it left.

The Good:

There is actually many good reasons for TH sniping. Its a win-win situation for the snipers and the snipee. The sniper gets those trophies while the snipee gets that free 12 hour shield. TH sniping is also a very easy way to get to crystal, even if it isn’t very well respected. Also if you are a farmer and you keep losing attacks since the loot matters more, then you can snipe some Town Halls to get back up where you need to be.

The Bad: 

There aren’t too many bad things about Town Hall sniping (if you don’t agree, look down in the ugly section ;)). The only way it can go bad is if a snipee put teslas and heroes around his Town Hall and you didn’t bring enough troops to take out the teslas and heroes along with the Town Hall. Also be careful who you raid! Some high level players you snipe will take revenge on you and get up to 59 trophies on you! Watch out who you raid! Example: (Skip to 3:00)

The Ugly:  

Many, and I mean MANY, players resent Town Hall snipers because they say snipers have no skill in the game and require trophies handed to them. If you go out on global as an XP 30-50 and crystal, be ready for some hate from high level players. If getting to crystal is bad enough by sniping, then master is awful. You will be banned from global if you are too low level!

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15 thoughts on “Town Hall Sniping: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

  1. hahaha yea im a old sniper thhat reach 2760 as a th 5 it was easy in gold to crystal 3 then it got hard because of teslas and alot of other defense ahahaa but i retired from sniping but im starting mypush today lol btw uneed to already know the game to snipe i didnt know the game to much because i had a th7 and push with savage seven hahaha should serarch them up


  2. I love those TH8 and lower snipers trying to make their way to Champions. Always presents an opportunity for me to demonstrate just how powerful my heroes are. Usually and easy 20+ trophies with little to no troops and no spells. What more can you ask for when searching bases in Champion =D.


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  8. Too funny!! when you’re pushing for cups, I’ll take any that are available. Usually, I’ll snipe a th when I come across a farming set-up to guarantee win/cups then use a good strategy to take the rest of the base.


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