Every Single Trap [Explained]

Hello everyone KingBacca here bringing you a sort of different post, in this post I will break down every single trap, its damage, cost per re-arm and cost to upgrade.  Ok into the first trap.


The Bomb- Ah, the bomb, one of the most simplest traps in the game, hidden in your base until a troop becomes within 1.5 tiles of the bomb.  You first get 2 at town hall lvl 3 and slowly increase to 6 bombs at town hall lvl 7.  The damage is, Area Splash and the size is 1×1.

LvL 1- Damage- 12.  Re-Arm- 400  Cost- 400

LvL 2- Damage- 16. Re-Arm- 500  Cost- 1,000

LvL 3- Damage- 20. Re-Arm- 600  Cost- 10,000

LvL 4- Damage- 26. Re-Arm- 700  Cost- 100,000

LvL 5- Damage- 34. Re-Arm- 800  Cost- 1,000,000

LvL 6- Damage- 42. Re-Arm- 900  Cost- 1,500,000


The Giant Bomb- One of the more favorited traps in the game, this bomb explodes at a higher blast radius and does a significant more damage than the regular bomb. As a recent nerf into the game, giant bombs now do 1.5x more damage to hog riders.   The damage is, Area Splash, size is 2×2.

LvL 1- Damage- 175. Re-Arm- 12,500 Cost- 12,500  Radius- 3.0 

LvL 2- Damage- 200. Re-Arm- 15,000 Cost- 75,000 Radius- 3.5

LvL 3- Damage- 225. Re-Arm- 17,500 Cost- 750,000 Radius- 3.5

LvL 4- Damage- 250. Re-Arm- 20,000 Cost- 2,500,000 Radius- 4.0


The Air Bomb- The air bomb is one of the more underestimated traps in the game, with the trigger radius being 5, and the damage radius being 3, they can take out a pack of minions or balloons in a matter of seconds.  Keep in mind this trap only targets air troops.  The damage is, Area Splash, size is 1×1.

LvL 1 Damage- 100. Re-Arm- 3,000 Cost- 4,000

LvL 2 Damage- 120. Re-Arm- 4,000 Cost- 20,000

LvL 3 Damage- 144. Re-Arm- 5,000 Cost- 200,000

LvL 4 Damage- 173. Re-Arm- 6,000 Cost- 1,500,000


The Seeking Air Mine- One of my favorite traps,  I call it the stinger because it can pierce through a dragon or healer like nothing. With a trigger radius of 4 tiles the seeking air mine is a heavy damage dealer.  The seeking air mine does not target minions.  The damage is, single target, size is 1×1.

LvL 1 Damage- 1,500. Re-Arm- 15,000 Cost- 15,000

LvL 2 Damage- 1,800. Re-Arm- 17,500 Cost- 2,000,000

LvL 3 Damage- 2,100. Re-Arm- 20,000 Cost- 4,000,000


The Spring Trap– Onto the final trap,  the spring trap does live up to its potential, flinging up to 15 (number) of troops at once!  [3 Giants|15 Archers|Etc] The trigger radius is 0.7 tiles and the re-arm cost is 2,000. The spring trap targets ground troops only.  The damage is, single target, size is 1×1. 

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