Clash Royale- Ranking the Epic Cards

Welcome back to another ranking of the top cards in Clash Royale. The epic list was very hard to configure, with maybe 7-8 cards having a good argument for the top spot. However, I thought it over a lot and this is what I came up with. Tell me if you would change anything in the comments below.

Clash Royale Best Epic Cards

  1. Golem- So ultimately I went with the golem as the top spot. In Clash Royale and even in Clash of Clans, the golem is the ultimate tank. It costs a ton, at 8 elixir, but placed in the back during extra time, with elixir collectors operating, makes it easy to get troops behind the golem. The unit can hold off many defenses and earns the top spot here.
  2. Witch- I’m sure to get a lot of complaints here, with the witch beating out both the princes, but the witch really is a great card; she is just extremely underestimated. The witch is basically immune to the fireball, meaning a rocket must be used to take her out. Her steady stream of skeletons is the perfect weapon behind a tank. Adding to her value is her splash damage.
  3. Dark Prince- The dark prince’s biggest weapon is his ability to deal splash damage. To counter the dark prince, you can’t drop down spear goblins, goblins, or skeletons. He is tough to beat, almost taking out an entire group of barbarians. His shield is yet another valuable aspect to him. No spell in the game can take him out earning the dark prince #3 on the list!
  4. Baby Dragon- This troop is, similar to the witch, usually underestimated. Most players will leave it alone if it reaches your tower, but it can do a great amount of damage. Also its splash damage lets it take out minions, spear goblins, and sometimes the minion horde that is sent to oppose it. It also only costs 4 elixir and is great tank to the balloon.
  5. P.E.K.K.A.- The P.E.K.K.A. is crazy awesome in my opinion. Back when it cost 8 elixir, not a lot of people used it, but it has risen in popularity recently. It does an insane amount of damage and will provide a great tank for smaller units. Unfortunately, it can be taken down relatively easy by weaker troops since the P.E.K.K.A. swings so low.
  6. Balloon- The balloon is probably the least used pure offensive unit in the game, yet it shouldn’t be. With the recent release of the lava hound, I have seen balloon players more and more frequently. The balloon does an insane amount of damage when it drops a bomb; the only problem is getting it to the tower to drop the bomb.
  7. Prince- Finally joining his counterpart is the prince coming in at 7th. The prince’s charge is by far its most coveted feature. The price also has more HP than the dark prince. However, the prince is distracted extremely easily and can be overwhelmed by any amount of small troops. For 5 elixir, he is much less great as his little brother.
  8. Freeze- A few weeks ago, the freeze would have easily been top 5. However, that recent 1 second nerf to the freeze’s duration has hurt its ranking a lot. It is still a valued card, but it has become a lot easier to be the hog cycle deck. Also, the freeze works great with minion horde and balloon.
  9. Poison- This seems like a repeated theme with epic cards, but once again the poison is a very undervalued card. This is by far the best card to have when playing spawner decks and can also work well when killing the minion horde or the princess. It doesn’t do much damage to the tower so don’t bring it as a damage card.
  10. Giant Skeleton- Who else remembers the giant skeleton-xbow combo? Or the “giant skeleton tombstone”? Both were great for the giant skeleton, which has fallen down a bit. The key to the giant skeleton is to get it to the tower, but it is mainly used as a tank nowadays. Not the best 6 elixir tank though.
  11. Guards- One of the most recent additions to this game, the cards were highly anticipated, but unfortunately, weren’t as strong as most players would have liked. Their best feature are their shields, which just like the dark prince, means that no spell in the game could kill them. At only 3 elixir though, they are a good way to stop the prince.
  12. Goblin Barrel- We come across one of the staples of Clash Royale, but in reality it isn’t that good. Unfortunately, the goblin barrel can easily be eliminated if your opponent times his or her arrows/fireball well. Combined with the mirror, the goblin barrels can be effective, but by itself, only a skilled player can make it work.
  13. Mirror- Quite an interesting card, but like the goblin barrel, not actually that good. The one elixir boost for a mirror card simply isn’t worth it, since usually the card mirrored will be worse. However, it can really catch your opponents off guard if used correctly.
  14. Skeleton Army- The skeleton army is a great counter card to the P.E.K.K.A., prince, and giant skeleton, but ultimately it ends up being way too weak. A zap spell can take out nearly the whole army. It is good for placing around a hog rider to fend off attacks, but it is too weak in the grand scheme of things.
  15. Lightning- An interesting concept and one of the best solutions for killing the three musketeers. But the lightning spell can only be used effectively in a few scenarios and the damage it does it simply not as much as the rocket. It has great uses, but the uses are rare; you are better off bringing the rocket or the fireball.
  16. Rage- Fun fact about the rage: its actually a haste spell. The “rage” spell actually only increases troop movement and troop attack speed, not damage increase. It does a few quality uses, like increasing the attack speed of a hog rider, but mostly it is just 3 elixir wasted.
  17. X-Bow- And last but not least, we finally get to the one and only, infamous, x-bow. Once upon a time, the x-bow would have been top 3, but due to the multiple nerfs it received due to complaints, it has slid straight down to last on the epics and maybe even the worst card in the game. My, how the mighty have fallen.

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So that is all the epic cards in Clash Royale ranked! Once again, if you would change anything, please leave a comment below! Thanks for reading and look for legendary cards tomorrow.

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22 thoughts on “Clash Royale- Ranking the Epic Cards

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  2. Wait a second, poison used to be undervalued ? I thought the slow down effect brought the value! Why is it undervalued at that time? Maybe people don’t understand how it works at first? Or they just prefer fireball?


  3. Nowadays, I’d rank them as:
    1. Baby dragon: used to be laughed at, now it’s ruling the meta with golem aside! He’s tough, fast and cheap!
    2 balloon: When I see a balloon, I always wanted to rage quit, so deadly, you’re dead even you have counter, cause they might anti- counter
    3. Golem : this is really the ultimate tank as STLCardinalFan2 mentioned above, which remained as ultimate, it was strong on offensive, expensive, but every drop worthy it
    4. Skeleton army
    This’ll be 16th if supercell didn’t buff it, but supercell revived this card and made it unstoppable, skeleton army counters literally anything except Valkyrie , had a high DPS and number, still, anyone agree that it need a nerf
    5. Goblin barrel
    Ah! The mighty returned! Remember the old times prince witch and the barrel were the most OP and unstoppable card? Now zap nerf helped it, does this card need a nerf to?
    6. Prince
    Surprised huh? Prince is my all time favourite card, he’s very great in fact, although very easy to counter, it’s very easy to anti counter as long as zap and fireball was on hand, prince is also great on taking out sneaky supports hiding behind a tank
    7. Bowler:
    A newly joined card in this list! Starting as a decent epic costing 6 elixir, he was already strong and supercell made it stronger! Making his status and elixir lower! Now bowler were used a lot in high arenas
    8. Executioner
    Another new card in this list! Executioner started OP, but it turned out the reasons were bugs, now it’s fixed and he’s a decent legendary, as decent as bowler! He deals more damage , he hits air make him a great all around troop
    Witch, an underrated card should’ve appeared lower, but the recent damage buff made her a complete new troop, 1 shorting skeletons, made her a great counter to graveyard and skeleton army, but some people think poison is better so not much usage, still
    10. Tornado
    Another new card! This card is basically the king of trolls, pulling enemies to king was a lot of fun! Also tornado is very great on pulling troops to defend the tower, the downside is that it can’t hit buildings bring the value down, good luck not getting trolled
    11. Dark prince
    Like the witch, the dark prince was underused and underrated for long, but if used correctly it’ll totally destroy the elite barbarians, he is not the best splash damage dealer, but never underestimate him! I rank him 11th cause his usage was low, hopefully his usage will see a good increase when people realise how great he can stop elite barbarians
    12. freeze
    I don’t think freeze is making a comeback, cause it was not as versatile as usual, freeze is good on hog push, but the thing is freeze isn’t reliable on some situations, better than rage still
    13 lightning
    At first I always thought it was the worst card in the game, but lightning actually replaced poison since it got nerf and now lightning was making me rage more especially lava loon
    14 Poison
    Made a comeback graveyard poison was taking back the meta, making poison reliable to kill troops, I still think fireball was better so I rank it 14, but it was making a comeback, but is the new faster killing poison better than slow troop poison?
    15 Giant Larry
    The giant skeleton must’ve been the least used defensive card, he’s not good on both ladder and tournament, but he’s OP in clan battle as a bunch of troops attacking giant skeleton can kill them all with his bomb for a positive elixir trade
    16. X bow
    Currently X bow also made a huge comeback as X bowler in kings challenge contains it revives it, x bow was used by top players, but still X bow was quite hard to master, hard to defend as the 6 elixir cost, perhaps if people mastered X bow it’ll return to the most hated card, anyone hopes that to happen?
    17. Pekka
    Similar to giant Larry pekka was also underrated card, but pekka is rather an offensive unit rather than defensive. Pekka was a bit less great than giant Larry cause Larry ‘a bomb can hit the tower
    Such unfortunate, guards fallen again, everyone just use skeleton army and skeletons, guards were still decent cause their shields allow them to absorb at least 2 hits, but it need a buff to be relevant again
    19. Mirror
    Good on troll but does the +1 elixir cost worth? No!
    20. Rage
    Rage will be the best card of it is renamed to haste spell as it doesn’t increase damage, but only speed, rage’s buff doesn’t even do anything, even decreasing the elixir cost to 2 doesn’t do anything, cause lumberjack now drops the same thing and deals more damage, rage need a rework, give it a damage boost while increase the elixir back to 3?
    21. Clone
    Seriously clone is the worst spell and the worst epic card, it can be even compared to the ‘rage’ spell, ‘rage’ is much safer and cheaper, clone is too easy to counter, 1 arrow, tornado or even the frost nova of ice golem kills them! Clone was only good on lava hound decks as it’ll clone the pups, but otherwise, everyone will rather choose the ‘rage’ spell


  4. I agree that the witch is underrated, she is powerful for skeletons, and she can’t be killed by any spell except the 6 elixir spells, she’s better than the wizard, now I guess, or always?


  5. I think lightning is the worst, poison should be lower giant skeleton should be higher as well as skeleton army and rage, these cards improved a lot


  6. I think lightning is the worst, poison should be lower giant skeleton should be higher as well as skeleton army and rage, these cards improved a lot


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  8. I think lightning is worse than rage. Lightning is so bad it should be a common. Other than that, I agree with the rest.
    You have a couple of spelling mistakes though that you might want to read through and correct.


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