Best Night Witch Decks for Arenas 8, 9, 10, and 11

The night witch is finally here in Clash Royale, becoming the newest legendary to enter the game. The night witch has come off as extremely OP, through her gameplay, strategy, and decks. Today, I’m going to be sharing with you guys some of the best night witch decks in Clash Royale and the strategy behind those night witch decks.Clash Royale Best Night Witch Decks All Arenas

Best Night Witch Decks

Golem Night Witch Deck

Clash Royale Best Golem Night Witch Deck

When the night witch first was announced, every player in Clash Royale assumed that the night witch would go perfect with the golem. And it turns out that we were all right! The night witch pairs so well with the golem, that really, all you have to do is defend until you get enough elixir for a golem-night witch push. You can also use the night witch on defense, since you have a number of other cards that pair extremely well with the golem on offense!

Royal Giant Night Witch Deck

Clash Royale Best Royal Giant Night Witch Deck

Besides the golem, the night witch works the best with the royal giant. She can shut down almost any defense that your opponent throws at your royal giant, especially when there is a furnace in the mix too. This is as much of a royal giant cycle deck as you can get, set up to rotate you back to the royal giant as fast as possible. Sit on a furnace and then start combining the royal giant and night witch at the bridge for a deadly push.

Hog Night Witch Deck

Clash Royale Best Hog Night Witch Deck

At first glance, it might not seem like the hog is that great of a pair with the night witch because of her slow move speed, but honestly, when you play the night witch at the back, the bats plus the single damage the NW brings can overwhelm most cards in Clash Royale, allowing your hog to reach the tower. Of course, with so many cheap cards in this deck, it is a cycle deck, meant to get back to your hog as quickly as possible. Don’t worry if you aren’t combining the hog and night witch in every push.

Giant Night Witch Deck

Clash Royale Best Giant Night Witch Deck

This last deck is about as weird as you can go in Clash Royale, combining a brand new card, a non damage spell, a pump, and the mirror. However, it works out well, especially if you can get the giant and night witch to the tower, under a heal spell. Most of the battle, you need to be defending, waiting until you have built up enough pumps to really put the hammer down on your game ending push. Use the mirror at your own discretion.

Those are 4 great decks for using the night witch to the best of her ability. The night witch really is one of the best cards in Clash Royale at the moment so yo have to taken advantage of her before she gets nerfed. Any one of these decks will work great with the night witch, pushing you well up in trophies. Thanks for reading and comment below whether or not you have unlocked the night witch yet!

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23 thoughts on “Best Night Witch Decks for Arenas 8, 9, 10, and 11

  1. I actually have a Night Witch Golem deck. The troops in it are Golem, Log, Night Witch, Fire spirits, Inferno Drag, Goblin Barrel, Tornado, And BATS. ps if you dont have either Log or Inferno drag you can replace the log with zap. And inferno drag can be replaced with Baby drag or Mini Pekka


      • Honestly, I feel like balloon and golem are in good places. Elite barbarians should get a speed nerf and e wiz definitely needs a big nerf.


      • I hate the Balloon, it’s too strong now, the status of golem probably worth 10 elixir instead of 8, I agree the elite barbarians should become a fast unit instead of very fast (need a health buff to compromise it), and electro wizard need a damage nerf or elixir increase


  2. Every deck of yours had skeletons, you think skeletons are THAT versatile? Despite the fact that they cycle your deck faster


  3. As a OP card, night witch really need a nerf to bring back lumberjack or any high damage not so high hit point troop


  4. Rip lumberjack, night witch really replaced you, you’re still amazing though, but not as amazing as night witch


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  6. The other day, someone just wrecked me with a lava hound night witch deck. I think that works quite well too. The bats do extra air damage, while the night witch goes in and kills any wizards or other ground splash units.


      • Hahaha.
        I used to use a balloon cycle deck a lot, it just destroys everything!
        I usually like decks that are very stable, and that balloon deck was definitely one of them.


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