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Clash for Dummies is one of the most popular Clash of Clans/Clash Royale websites in the world. If you would be interested in advertising on this site, here are statistics and prices for advertising.

Demographics of Readers

  • The top five countries of viewers are, in order, the United States, Philippines, India, Indonesia, and Canada.
  • We have had visitors from every country on Earth with the exception of South Sudan and North Korea
  • Our primary age group consists of 13-25 year olds
  • Our primary gender group is male, consisting of 90% of viewers

Clash for Dummies Stats

  • We currently average about 100,000 views a month
  • Since creation, we have garnered a total of 2,800,000 views
  • About 65% of our views are from Clash Royale and 35% from Clash of Clans

Pricing for Ads

We offer a few different styles of advertising, from featured posts to sidebar ads. Here are all of the opportunities we offer, along with the pricing on all advertisements.

-Sidebar Ad: A clickable advertisement that will lead to the website of your choosing. Width: 225 pixels, any height. $15 a month.

-Header Ad: A picture advertisement appearing at the very top of our website. 1020 × 154 pixels. $10 a month.

-In-Article Ad: A clickable ad appearing in all articles posted during the time period (Roughly 25-30 articles per month). Any shape or size. $15 a month. 

-Featured Article: An article about your game, website, or business. Must relate to mobile gaming in SOME WAY. $10 per article.

-Social Media Shoutout: Tweet or Facebook post of your content. Twitter Followers: 1,650; Facebook Likes: 450. $2 per shoutout.

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