Top 10 Worst Cards in Clash Royale

What are the WORST cards in Clash Royale? Is it skeletons, costing only 1 elixir? Or it the worthless inferno dragon, somehow a legendary card? The answer is neither! Here is a list of the top 10 worst cards in Clash Royale, at least in my opinion. These aren’t ranked, just alphabetized.

Barbarian Hut

Clash Royale Barbarian Hut

Out of any of the cards on this list, the barbarian hut is probably one of the best. That being said the barbarian hut still isn’t great. Costing 7 elixir, the barbarian hut spawns two barbarians every 14 seconds. The best thing about the barbarian hut is its health, but having such a high cost for a relatively low value puts it on this list.


Clash Royale Bomber

Despite a few significant buffs, the bomber still remains low in use. The bomber is a very good card if used correctly, but it is hard to use him in except in a niche situation. Since he has such low health, you basically don’t need to counter him because your own tower will take him down so easily. If a hitpoint buff was added, the bomber would see a huge increase in use.

Bomb Tower

Clash Royale Bomb Tower

Ahhh, the bomb tower. At first, one of the hardest, most annoying cards in Clash Royale. However, once you past P.E.K.K.A.’s Playhouse, the bomb tower just becomes insignificant. It is very tanky for 5 elixir, but it just doesn’t deal enough damage to be useful. Also, not being able to air units really hurts, especially in a meta with LavaLoonion at the front.


Clash Royale Clone Spell

The clone is probably the absolute WORST card in all Clash Royale. Really only working well with one type of deck (lava hound decks), the clone just doesn’t offer anything in a game that has a ton of splash damage cards. Having the cloned units have only 1 HP just isn’t going to be enough since they get one shot by anything. Don’t really know how to fix this, the idea itself is pretty bad.


Tesla Clash Royale

Personally, I love the tesla as a card, but it has a few huge flaws that minimize its use. For one, the tesla has one of the worst ranges of defenses, due to its small structure. This means that hogs will often bypass it. Also royal giant will completely ignore it because it is hidden. A neat idea would be to have the tesla shoot zaps, but that could quickly turn it into such an OP card.


Clash Royale Mirror

When used in the right situation, mirror isn’t all that bad, but hey, someone has to be in the bottom 10. Mirrored goblin barrels are a great and smart attack strategy, but beyond that there isn’t much value. Catching your opponent off guard is the best use of the mirror, but is it worth the +1 elixir cost?


Clash Royale Mortar

Yes, siege decks still suck since being OP at the very beginning of Clash Royale. For one, the mortar can’t even match up against the x-bow because of its slow shot and low damage. Honestly, I don’t know what the Clash Royale team can do to this card to make it balanced. One bad change and its completely OP. Better to have left out mortar completely.


Clash Royale Rage Spell

One of the two cards that is reappearing from last May’s worst 10 cards list, the rage is obviously still not a great card. When its cost has been decreased to 2 since last ranking, even 2 elixir just doesn’t give great value to the rage. For one, the ‘rage’ spell is actually a haste spell so it kind of defeats the whole purpose of added damage. Whatever.


Clash Royale Sparky

A legendary?! On the worst 10 cards list?! YES! Sparky really is just awful, the worst legendary in Clash Royale by far (inferno dragon is useful on defense and with lava hound). The problem with sparky is not the idea, but there being just way too much ways to counter it. Add a HP buff and remove the zap reset and sparky would be right up there at the top of the meta.


Clash Royale XBow

The other one of the two cards that is making a reappearance from the May list! Now its ranking here isn’t necessarily because it is bad, but rather because it is such a difficult card to use. Some of the best players in the world use x-bow, but because it is so difficult to master, it earns a spot in the worst 10 cards list!

So that is going to do it for the top 10 worst cards in Clash Royale rankings! Thanks a ton for reading and comment down below what your top 10 worst cards would be!

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114 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Cards in Clash Royale

  1. Wow! Can’t believe it’s been a year and 3 months since you made this list

    Back then, X-Bow Mortar and Tesla suck, but now, these are hands down some of the stronger card in the game! Sparky and Rage also improved greatly, while Clone’s buff made it better. Rumours also said that there might be a Barbarian Hut meta soon. Oh how the meta changed……..


  2. This is how I rank the worst cards in this list
    10. Bomber
    9. X bow
    8. Barbarian hut
    7. Rage
    6. Tesla
    5. Mortar
    4. Mirror
    3. Bomb tower
    2. Sparky
    1. Clone
    Do you agree?


  3. That’s why always give rage, mirror and clone to opponent in draft mode, never pick them, unless it’s between 2 of the 3! No matter what, give them clone, because that’s the most useless card, but what about rage and mirror? Which is better?


  4. If you are talking about tournaments, this is my top 10 worst card in tournament
    10. Wizard (not great, especially because prince is making a comeback)
    9. Spear goblins (very low damage and goblin gang outclassing them)
    8. Rage (not horrible, but always outshined)
    7. Tesla (inferno tower and cannon)
    6. Giant skeleton (still deserves respect though, a death bomb timer reduction will make him a hero!)
    5. Goblin hut (worst spawner ever, barb hut is good on defence while gob hut is useless, just rework so we can see more spawners decks (we hate it though))
    4. Goblins (again, goblin gang, but it can’t hit air made it worse)
    3. Bomb tower (I never thought is bad but even tesla outshined it)
    2, sparky (don’t ask why)
    1. Skeletons (just joking, they’re amazing)
    Real 1. Clone (horrible, useless, outshined by rage which isn’t even close to good, emergency rework is needed)


  5. I can’t believe that everyone underestimated the dart goblin, like “hey dart goblin is the worst, why didn’t you put it in this list?” I don’t think it’s bad but too fragile, his range was insane, is it the reason you didn’t put dart goblin here?


  6. Nowadays if supercell brings back the cancer X bow (X bow before brutally nerf for the 1st time) and cancer mortar (before the 2nd brutal nerf) from the past at the same time, then clash royale will…….


  7. Supercell should really remove the clone spell, it was never going to be good. Even you say that decreasing the elixir to 2, or even 1, it’ll still be useless as poison and tornado can kill the clones easily (2 kind of popular cards) unless the clones have half or 1/3 health of the original, just remove it
    Supercell might think this is ridiculous, as it’ll be OP, but think about that: if not op then useless, these other bad cards like mortar, rage, bomb tower still have a lot of hope, rework will might not be unstoppable but made it a lot better, but clone one rework it’s totally OP, so supercell, if you don’t want it to be OP, just remove the clone out of the game, even the rage spell is twice as better as the clone


  8. Barbarian hut, bomber, bomb tower,mirror , tesla, rage and X bow isn’t versatile enough while clone, mortar, sparky is real bad


  9. The ‘rage’ spell will be one of the best cards if supercell change its name to haste spell, cause the real rage doesn’t exist


  10. If the elite barbarian hit functions like a barbarian hut except it spawns 2 elite barbarians at a time, then 10 elixir is not even close to expensive…….


  11. If the elite barbarian hit functions like a barbarian hut except it spawns 2 elite barbarians at a time, then 10 elixir is not even close to expensive……


  12. I’d replace x bow and bomber with battle ram and spear goblin hut, cause X bow is not bad, just hard to master while bomber deal a ton of damage per bomb, just need protection. The reason why battle ram is bad cause it has too les hp and so it failed to compare with the prince, dark prince and hog, even when it spawn barbs in the end it just isn’t enough value like the barbarian hut, which overall isn’t not horrible, at least change 1 barbarian to elite barbarian with the current status should be fine , and why I choose spear goblin hut because they were too weak, and regular spear goblins were no where to be seen now, I’d rather choose barbarian hut cause they barley can do something while the spear goblin hut can’t, even more expensive, barbarian hut and furnace is much better because they were much more annoying, while tombstone is better on defence, spear goblin hut need a rework


  13. If these card need a buff, I’d suggest:
    Barbarian hut: life time increase to. 70 seconds and the spawn speed 2 seconds faster
    Bomber: damage decrease (but can still kill archers 1 shot) hit point increase 9%
    Bomb tower: life time increase to 50 seconds, as 60 is too annoying while 40 will be useless , or elixir cost decrease to 4 and decrease hit point
    Clone: decrease elixir to 2 or increase elixir to 4 while the clones will have half the hit point as the original (damage remains the same )
    Tesla: undo all nerfs before
    Mirror: not needed
    Mortar: increase damage by 5-10% , make a projection speed increase (this will really make the mortar as useful as before ) (if overpowered,decrease the lifetime to 25 seconds)
    Rage: increase the elixir cost back to 3, give it a damage boost (10-25%) (affects lumberjack)
    Sparky : increase the elixir to 7, will no longer get reset by zap, lightning freeze and ice spirit, hit speed decrease to 4.5 seconds, and most importantly, bug fix or decrease the elixir to 5, decrease the damage and hit point overall by 17%, of course, bug fix.
    X bow: damage and hit point decrease by an overall 14%, but decrease the deploy time to 3 seconds, and allow it to target air again or increase its range back to 13 (if overall it’ll make it op, make it 7 elixir)
    Just a suggestion, if you think it’s isn’t enough or it’ll make it op, pls comment


    • I think people will still not use the rage, not because it will still be bad, but what will people prefer ? Rage or lumberjack? Lumberjack most likely, lumberjack offers a lot more value cause he deals a lot more damage, and drops a rage spell for only 1 more elixir despite being a legendary, if that happens, lumberjack needs a serious nerf, or he might brake the game , again!


    • It’s harder to do this for worst cards since there aren’t too many BAD cards in CR, but I’d go with battle ram alone. All these other cards have great uses, while the battle ram is still very flawed.


      • Battle ram is bad, agree, but it isn’t terrible, just because overall it was weaker than the other 2 charge card (you know what they are) for me despite battle ram I choose the spear goblin hut and the wizard, hate to say that, I really like the wizard , and I agree that he’s a bit underrated, but do you think why he’s underrated, e wiz better on offence for -1 elixir, ice wiz better on defence against most troops for -2 elixir, witch get to spawn skeletons, shoot lasers (or whatever it is) very quickly and enough damage to kill graveyard for a neutral elixir trade


      • Regular goblins were also not so good, just because goblin gang , Larry (skeletons) spear goblins, and the barrel were so much better in the meta


      • If I had to rank the 4 wizards (including the witch),I’ll rank as:
        1. Witch (real good, just underrated, defence and supporting is strong, especially with prince or giant )
        2. Electro wizard ( honestly I feel that he’s a bit overrated, when attacking 2 targets at once only deal 100 damage, however he’s very good on offence, and his spawn damage makes it all remember : tank him cause he had low hit point , and good luck hoping your opponent don’t had a level 8 fireball (only level 1 e wiz))
        3. Ice wizard (cheap, but honestly he need a damage buff , his damage was too low, can’t 1 shot skeletons, he is very good on slow down , but he need a buff like the witch)
        4. Regular fire wizard (how the mighty fallen, wizard used to be the most used card (or is it?), but he really fall, nerf his range while decrease his elixir to 4 will make him as visible as the old time)


      • I’d switch ewiz and witch. Also ice wiz and witch is a toss up but right now I’d go with witch.


      • Agree, but she can had a better counterattack like giant witch or 2X prince witch combo, not saying that the others can’t, just less effective for example after E-wiz kills the giant or pekka, they can use something to protect E wiz and destroy the tower


      • Also ice wizard and electro wizard were legendary while witch is just an epic, therefore it’s easier to upgrade the witch


      • The cannon is also a very bad card nowadays, just like tesla, X Bow and mortar, the overall nerf was too brutal making it rarely seen (still used more than X Bow tesla and mortar)


  14. In my opinion bomber is just underrated, he only cost 3 elixir and each bomb deals ton of damage, fragile, but good against swarms


  15. For me the worst cards were
    10 bomb tower
    9 rage
    8 barbarian hut
    7 goblin hut
    6 sparky
    5. Inferno dragon
    4. Battle ram
    3. Regular goblins
    2. Clone
    1. Mortar


  16. Bomber, just put almost ANY tank in front, as well as maybe some fire spirits and that’s a great push. I actually used to use a deck where my main push was knight – bomber – fire spirits – and anything else.


  17. I really actually disagree with a majority of this. Sure barb hut, that’s probably the worst. However even through the inferno dragon CAN be put behind a lava hound, it is very easy to counter it as well. Plain old MINIONS kill it going on to destroy the lava hound. Also, people, especially above royal arena are smart enough to understand the inferno drag is dangerous. I guess you could kinda use heal and poison with it and that could be great, but 11 elixir?! No


  18. So how do you think supercell should buff the rage? Maybe making its elixir cost to 1? Or making it back to 3 elixir as well as giving a damage boost too?


  19. Can’t complain with the bomb tower, mortar clone and sparky, but they are the worst of the worst, even buffs need more, but not to much


  20. The only problem with the bomber is that his health is low, but his damage was very high, therefore protecting him can be deadly, plus he does splash, and only cost 3 elixir, it make sense that his health is low due to his cheap cost


  21. The X bow, not a bad card, but you just need to support like witch or wizard (anti- air troops) or bowler (anti- ground swarm ) or skeleton army or inferno tower (anti- tanks) and make sure you have elixir then it can be awesome


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