Top 10 Best Cards in Clash Royale

What are the 10 best cards in Clash Royale? That’s up for debate in today’s Clash Royale article! Clearly, elite barbarians and royal giant are two of the best cards in Clash Royale, but what are the other 8? You can read our May rankings here.

Electro Wizard

Clash Royale Electro Wizard Legendary Card

Ahhh, the electro wizard! Started off as a decent legendary card, but it has widely become a lot more used lately. It is an amazing replacement for the musketeer. While it doesn’t do as much damage, the zaps reset any unit’s attack. Great support and defensive card for only 4 elixir.

Elite Barbarians

Elite Barbarians Clash Royale

Personally, elite barbarians are one of my least favorite cards in Clash Royale. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they are bad though. The reason I despise them is because they are so good. For 6 elixir, you can easily take out your opponents tower. The speed and the strength of the elite barbarians are simply unmatched in Clash Royale which earns them a spot in the top 10.


Furnace Clash Royale

Besides elite barbarians, if there is a card I hate it is the furnace. Since the furnace deal constant chip damage to your tower, you simply can’t ignore it unless you want 1000 health off your tower. Also, its great to have in pushes, especially royal giant and giant where popular counter cards of minion horde and skarmy are easily taken out by the cycling spirits.

Goblin Gang

Goblin Gang Clash Royale

Other than the bandit, the goblin gang is the newest card in Clash Royale and one of the best. Originally, I thought that the gang would be overshadowed by the skeleton army, but that isn’t the case at all. Popular in cycle and zap/log bait decks, the gang can do severe damage if not counter. Also, its a great counter to the popular LavaLoonion strategy.


Clash Royale Graveyard Legendary Card

Graveyard is hands down the best card in challenges and tournaments. That is because with equal level cards, it just can’t be stopped. Good with miner and giant, the graveyard can do unparalleled damage if not counter. Popular counters of minions and archers can be arrowed or fireballed down to easily take out a tower.


Log Clash Royale

The biggest success story in Clash Royale, the log is probably the MOST popular card in the game despite being a legendary. For only 2 elixir, you get so much value it’s insane. It can push back massive pushes, as well as doing big damage. Also, it’s such an easy counter to princess, skeleton army, and goblin gang, all strong cards.


Minions Clash Royale

Out of all the cards in the top 10 list, minions are probably the most boring, but that doesn’t stop them from being one of the most powerful defensive cards in the game. The 3 elixir air troop can take out most cards, along with being a good counter to most big pushes. Since they can’t be zapped down, it’s popular to throw these down on defense without being afraid of them going down.

Royal Giant

New Troop Royal Giant Clash of Clans

So I stated that my two most hated cards are the elite barbarians and furnace, but the most universally hated card is this one right here, the royal giant. But the royal giant is hated because it’s so good. The massive range allows him to outrange all defenses, which makes sure that he has extra health which he uses to deal massive damage upon your tower.

Skeleton Army

Skeleton Army Clash Royale

Along with minions, I think that skeleton army is the best defensive card in Clash Royale at the moment. Without a zap or log present, the skeleton army will take out ANY card in the game, save the valkyrie. It deals massive damage due to the sheer number of skeletons, which allows it take out even splash cards like the wizard and executioner when surrounded.


Zap Clash Royale

Lastly, we have one of the two most popular spells in the game. The zap received a nerf in damage but that hasn’t deterred it from still being a huge success. I carry both zap and log in my deck because they are so versatile. Forget about the easy damage, with zap you can reset a royal giant onto your defense or keep the hog from hitting your tower again.

So that is going to do it for our top 10 Clash Royale cards rankings! Tell us what you think about our rankings in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and come back soon for more Clash Royale content!

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60 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Cards in Clash Royale

    • I agree with a lot of those, but I don’t think you can justify wizard and valkyrie right now. Good cards of course, but not top 10 in my opinion


  1. Good old memories………

    Nowadays RG, EBarbs and Furnace needs a buff. Skeleton Army is very weak now and Graveyard is probably the 2nd worst legendary. Minions also got nerfed recently……….

    Gotta update this list!


    • The only issue is that its hard to judge exactly what the 10 best cards are because theres so many legendaries with unique abilities!


  2. The log’s starting to fall nowadays, its usage was no longer the top 10, I think supercell should stop nerfing the log or it’ll be a joke as a legendary again (just like sparky)


  3. Wait goblin gang counters lavaloonion? But goblins won’t do anything while spear goblins is way too weak, can only do a bit


  4. Now that RG, elite barbarians and electro wizard were nerfed, elite barbarians were definitely still the main cancer, but was RG and electro wizard still good?


  5. Elite barbarians, furnace, goblin gang, skeleton army and graveyard had very very high status while electro wizard, royal giant, minions , log and zap are very versatile .


  6. Elite barbarians, furnace, goblin gang, skeleton army and graveyard had very very high status while electro wizard, royal giant, minions , log and zap are very versatile


  7. Royal Giant and Elite Barbarians aren’t the best cards. They’re annoying but easy to counter. Here’s my opinion for the 10 best cards in Clash Royale:

    -Electro Wizard
    -Skeleton Army
    -Ice Golem


  8. Which is better?
    Skeleton army or graveyard?
    For me, they were as great as each other, one on offence, and one on defence
    Skeleton army provides more value against elites, and other high damage dealers, but weak against spells and splash damage dealers, therefore on offence it need support
    Graveyard is a lot better on offence compared to skeleton army, but less great on defence, and graveyard cost more, however, it can easily destroy a tower with skeleton kept spawning, making the only weakness is poison, which isn’t the most popular card. So graveyard can destroy tower easily while skeleton army, not so easy, but skeleton army is better against meta cards like elites
    Both were awesome, which is better in your opinion?


  9. If these cards need a nerf, this is how I suggest:
    Electro wizard: damage decrease so that the half damage will be the same as the log’s tower damage
    Elite barbs: decrease their hit speed back to 1.4 but increase the elixir cost to 7, or decrease their health and damage a bit more like 3%, hit speed remains the same
    Furnace: as 50 seconds life time is too annoying while 40 will make it a bit weak, 45 seconds can be make it less annoying but not too weak
    Goblin gang: decrease the goblin level by 1
    Graveyard : increase the elixir to 6 OR increase the duration but slow down the spawn speed
    Log: not needed
    Minions: decrease the damage
    Royal giant: not needed
    Skeleton army: bring back the 4th elixir or decrease the skeletons level by 1
    Zap: smaller radius
    If you think it’s not enough or too brutal, pls comment


    • I think the elites barbs’ elixir increase might be too brutal as it’s status is too low for 7, but 6 is overpowered, also slow down graveyard’s spawn speed itunot a great idea so the tower will have enough time to kill before it spawn. I agree royal giant doesn’t need a nerf cause it’ll make it weak, damage nerf , really weak and waste a time, not totally kill though, range, really will kill it and everyone will laugh at it again , hit point, no big deal, but he will be really fragile compared to other tanks


  10. I’m sure some of the former best cards like hog rider falls, as he was a must bring before and didn’t made it to this list


  11. Say besides the furnace the elites and the royal giant which card do you think is very annoying, for me it’ll be inferno tower and the barrel


  12. So in your opinion which legendary in this list is the best ? Is it E- wiz, the stunning wizard? the log, the most pathetic legendary before that emerge to the best? Or the graveyard, which everyone fears?


      • true, in my opinion besides sparky which is not so good and inferno dragon which is quite bad, I bet all legendary were really good, my favourite legendary is miner, princess and lumberjack


      • I didn’t agree too much with the legendary ranking, cause lumberjack is real good actually ! Try this awesome push: Miner, lumberjack, princess and opponents will be in real trouble, make sure you have zap or arrows and ice spirit so those annoying skeleton army or minions will break the push


      • true, in my opinion besides sparky which is not so good and inferno dragon which is quite bad, I bet all legendary were really good, my favourite legendary is miner, princess and lumberjack


      • Yup, usually expensive stuff like barb hut and Pekka doesn’t always worth, but what golem’s main advantage is how tanky he is, basically TWICE the hit point as royal giant and he won’t get distracted to easily unlike pekka. And that’s why the 8 elixir cost worth.


  13. I used to think electro wizard is the worst, because his health is way too low, a fireball can kill it, after his health got buff, I think he’s quite good

    Furnace is really over annoying, unless the spirits were 1 level lower than your tower, you can’t ignore it, send out the miner to destroy it

    Goblin gang however is really decent, it’s a real discount, so who want to use goblin and spear goblins? (On solo)

    Although graveyard and log is a legendary, it’s arguably one of the best, still wondering how did the log be the most popular card since it’s a legendary so it’s hard to get

    Why did you say minions were the most boring? Sure in my opinion it should be the top 15, not 10 but it’s quite good

    Didn’t agree so much with royal giant, it is good on outrange building but the regular giant seem to outclassed him as he’s cheaper, stronger despite he’s a rare and doesn’t have a range, so in my opinion giant should be here rather than royal giant

    Agree with skeleton army, it takes out anything and can even surround splash damage dealers (except Valkyrie and witch of course , as valk had a 360 degree splash while the witch is strong enough to 1 shot and she shoots so fast)

    Zap, obviously


  14. Royal giant is definitely not the best, after nerfs royal giant is no longer the most hatred card, its less great than giant and golem, as giant status were higher and cheaper despite royal giant has a range, golem fit a lot more decks especially when baby dragon got buff. However it’s still as good as the giant skeleton, which is a good but underrated card


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