Submit Decks

You can now submit both Clash Royale decks or Clash of Clans bases to Clash for Dummies for use on the website!

If you have a stellar deck or a fantastic base to share, write up an overview explaining:


  • How to use the deck
  • Defensive/offensive strategy
  • How to counter popular cards using your deck
  • Images of the deck and using it


  • A picture of the bases on walls view and full view
  • Explanation to what makes this base good
  • What strategies does it counter

If you include all of these bullet point in your article, I will add it onto Clash for Dummies, with a link to any YouTube/Twitter/Instagram of yours that you want! Just get in contact with me and explain what you want to submit!

For every 5 good guides you submit, you will receive a $10 iTunes/Google Play GC!