DE Farming Guide: Attacking

Now that you know all about defending your DE, now you need to learn how to attack for it. There are 3 easy steps to becoming rich off DE at TH7. It might take some effort, but you will pull through.

1. Push to Crystal- Pushing to at least crystal is key to gaining quick dark elixir. Once you become a crystal league, you gain 50 DE for every raid you get at least a star in as a win bonus. At Crystal II the DE bonus is 100 and Crystal’s is 200 dark elixir. As you can see just getting to crystal, can get you some major DE.

2. Snipe some THs- Since you get a win bonus of 50 DE, the easiest way to actually get a win is to snipe. Each snipe wins you an extra 50 DE. If they have their DE Drills on the outside, feel free to take those out as well. You should be able to find snipes relatively easy in Crystal III, but if you go higher, it might get tough.

TH Sniping

3. Zapping the Storages- As you can see, all these points tie in together. While you are in crystal and while you are gaining a DE win bonus from sniping, bring some lightning spells and drop them straight on to the DE storage. I would recommend dropping ’em, if they have 3,000 available and their storage looks full. This will let you gain you up to 2K DE a raid!

I hope you enjoyed the DE Farming Guide series. If you want to check out how to farm for DE click here. Also read about TH Sniping here.

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