Best Attacking Strategies for Builder Hall 4

There are so many different attack strategies you can use once you reach Builder Hall 4 and here are some of the best that you can use to dominate Builder Base as a BH4! Use boxer giants, sneaky archers, beta minions, raged barbarians, and bombers to win all the time as Builder Hall 4.
Clash of Clans Builder Hall 4 BH4 Attacking Strategies

Giant Archer BH4 Strategy

Personally, I find that  the giant-archer strategy often works the best at Builder Hall 4. This is the basic principle of having a tank in front taking all of the damage, while there are archers behind doing ranged damage. Here is the army composition that you should attack with when using the boxer giant-sneaky archer attack combo:

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 4 Strategy Giant Archer

Now that you know what to attack with, here is how you should go about using this combination! First off, as mentioned above, you want to have your giants in front, so that they can soak up damage from all the defenses. Keep in mind that boxer giants have TERRIBLE AI and will go towards the opening in walls if there is one. Plant your giant accordingly so that they attack the defense you want them to attack. Tip: This strategy works best if you avoid the crusher… try to attack from the opposite side as the crusher!

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 4 Strategy Giant Archer

After you play all 6 of your giants, start filing in your archers in behind. If there are any buildings that can’t be reached by defenses, play an archer to snipe it down for a few extra percentage points. Besides that, all your archers should be going in behind your giants to start gaining those percentage points.

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 4 Strategy Giant Archer

After you place all of your troops, you can’t really do anything besides watch the raid play out. As long as your giants stay in front and you avoid the crusher, you should be able to two star most BH4s!

Precision Beta Minions BH4 Strategy

Next up, we have a pretty fun strategy that deals with precision beta minions coming together to wipe out a fellow Builder Hall 4. This attack strategy is very similar to precision hogs in the Home Village. Clearly, you are going to want to have all beta minions for this one, as it relies on a pure air attack.

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 4 Strategy Beta Minions

So first off, you have to get down your beta minions in order to start the precision part of this attack. The best thing about beta minions are that their first 4 attacks are from an extremely long range, allowing you to take down weak buildings without the beta minions even being killed. In this stage of the attack, you are going to want to play your minions well outside the base to pick off the outside structures, giving you a ton of percentage points early in the battle without even losing a troop.

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 4 Strategy Beta Minions

Once your advance beta minions begin to polish off the outside of the base, you are going to want to go in strong with the rest of your beta minions as support. Ideally, you want to take out the closest firecrackers so that you are able to run the base and rush the BH to achieve the two star. When your minions are done on the outside, your whole focus should be on taking out the Builder Hall. The rest of the percentage points will come!

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 4 Strategy Beta Minions

The main point of this BH4 attack strategy is that it is basically guaranteed a 1 star, but the 2 star is sometimes difficult to achieve. It all comes down to what you are going for in an attack. If your base mostly doesn’t get two starred, the beta minion strategy at Builder Hall 4 is the way for you to go.

Barch BH4 Strategy

Barch is probably the riskiest strategy to attack with at Builder Hall 4, but it can be quite rewarding if you manage to avoid the crusher and not get hit by any mines or mega mines. If you can do that, barch can devastate a base and leave it in shambles. For the army composition, you want to split your space between barbarians and archers.

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 4 Strategy Barbarians Archers

So in this attack strategy, your barbarians are going to act as your tanking unit, but they can also do a ton of damage to the base, especially in the first couple seconds when they are enraged! Just like with the giant-archer strategy, you want to keep your attack away from the crusher, as barbarians are going to be one shot by the scary beast. Also, be weary of spaces in the base, since those most likely house mines which can decimate your attack. I’d originally attack from a spot where you can reach the BH easily and has a bunch of buildings tightly packed.

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 4 Strategy Barbarians Archers

When your tank is down it is time for the support troops! Just like in the home village, you want to place your archers in behind your barbarians to do damage to the same buildings as the barbs. This will allow buildings to fall quickly and have yourself advance into the base as fast as your can. Just be sure your archers aren’t right on your barbarians; if a mine blows it will take out both units. Together, the archers and barbarians will quickly eat through single target defenses.

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 4 Strategy Barbarians Archers

So while barch is an extremely risky strategy to use at Builder Hall 4, it can have really good payoffs as long as you stay away from splash damage. Whatever you do, don’t attack a BH5 with barch, since the multi-mortar will dominate you. Still, I have three starred the most times with barch, proving it is a strong strategy with a little luck involved.

Giant Bomber BH4 Strategy

Finally, we have a strategy which combines the two troops with the absolute worst AI in Clash of Clans, the giant and the bomber. These two troops are very stupid, but if you get them where you want them to go, they can be devastating upon a base. Here’s the army composition that you want to use for the giant-bomber strategy at Builder Hall 4!

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 4 Strategy Giant BomberSo, just like any giant featured army composition, the giants are going to go in first in order to distract the defenses from shooting. These giants will be able to take a lot of damage, but as always, make sure that they don’t go anywhere near the crusher. Make em do what giants do and hopefully take out a few defenses. Careful with funneling!

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 4 Strategy Giant Bomber

Now its time for the bombers which is honestly, the scary part. Bombers are attracted to walls, which should mean that they destroy walls into compartments. However, the bomber AI is so bad that it will destroy random walls that have no purpose. First off, this is good so that you can open a path for your giants into the base. But after you don’t want any more walls destroyed, the bombers often still destroy walls. However, they do a lot of damage to buildings when they aren’t attracted to a wall, allowing you to quickly run through a base, as long as you are in the middle.

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 4 Strategy Giant Bomber

So this is the scariest attack strategy to use at Builder Hall 4, but once you master the bomber, this strategy can two star basically any base in Clash of Clans. Don’t get too frustrated if you fail to begin with!

So that is going to wrap it up for our Builder Hall 4 strategy guide in Clash of Clans! I hope that you guys can dominate the game now with some attacking force. Thanks for reading and comment down below what your favorite attack strategy is in Builder Base!

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  2. Thx for the tips. My only thought is that, I don’t really like the “Precision Beta Minions BH4 Strategy”. If you place all your minions down, the Air Bombs generator thingy will like 1 shot them, and you will only be able to do around 5% if your lucky, but besides that, thanks for the tips!!!


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