Trophy Hunting at 100 Troop Space (TH5)

Clash of Clans is all about trophies and you can never start too early! Today, I’m gonna be talking about how to trophy hunt for Town Hall 4s and 5s with 100 troop space. This will be a guide on how to get to crystal at TH5 (assuming your troops are maxed)

Bronze 3, 2, 1 and Silver 3- In this low of trophy range, the bases are so weak you don’t have to use your best troops to take them out. I would recommend barching (half barbarians, half archers). It’s meant for 50% but yoy should 3-star the majority of people down there. Barch is quick and easy to use, so you should be able to move up in trophies pretty quickly.

Silver 2, 1- This is where it starts getting tough. A TH5 shouldn’t really be this high since its so hard to win. However, if you use giants, archers, and wizards, you should be able to win the majority of your battles. Your composition should be as follows: 6 giants, 10 wizards, 20 archers, 5 wall breakers, 1 lightning spell, giants in Clan Castle. At this point, it is critical that you only attack someone you know you can beat. Place your giants then your wall breakers behind. After the defenses are targeting your giants, send the archers and wizards behind.

Gold 3- At this point, your giant-wizard strategy is starting to fail. Now you turn to balloonion. Yes this is a very high level pushing strategy, but it can work for 100 troop space too. Composition should be: 18 balloons, 10 archers, 1 lightning spell, minions in Clan Castle. Balloonion has the balloons take out the defenses while your minions clean up behind. Make sure not to attack anyone with powerful air defense.

Gold 2, 1- When you are at TH4/5, gold is simply impossible to win attacks in. You need to start sniping Town Halls. Bring 20 barbarians and 80 archers and look for someone who has their TH outside their walls. Then “snipe their Town Hall by dropping 10 or so archers. Provided there are no teslas, you should gain 4-11 trophies. It might take a while but you will make it to crystal!

Key Points:

-You must stay on for an extended period of time once you hit gold. If you don’t your whole raid will be for nothing, since you will get revenged minutes after you log off. Try to do at least 3 raids at a time.

-Take a TH Snipe! If you are anywhere- Bronze 3-Gold 1, always take a TH Snipe if you see one. These are free trophies and you shouldn’t miss out.

-Always have Clan Castle troops. These will be the difference between a win and a loss in many raids. You need to make sure you always have these backup troops.

Thanks for reading guys! If you enjoyed the article, tell your friends or share the link. Also, I will be starting a weekly base analysis on Wednesdays. If you want your base reviewed, then email with your username and clan name. Clash on!



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