DE Farming Guide: Defending

Many TH7s and TH8s need Dark Elixir desperately since it’s hard to produce. I’m here to help you design the best base possible to protect your dark elixir. Obviously you need your Dark Elixir storage in the center, with your Clan Castle and Mortar/Barb King (if you have one) next to it. (I will be showing TH8 designs)


Notice the triangle of the Clan Castle, Barb King, and DE Storage. Obviously, to best protect your loot, you should have mortars and wizard towers surrounding the middle part. Next, you need your drill, if you have one, near the center, but not completely inside. As you can see in the base above, the DE Drill is well protected, although it is not in the direct center.


When you farm, whether for gold, elixir, or dark elixir, you should always, always, ALWAYS, have your Town Hall outside your walls. Doing so allows for an easy shield and no one stealing your DE. Eventually, you will be “zapped” (dropping lightning spells on DE storage) but it would be worse if someone hogged you, for example, and stole all your dark elixir instead of a fraction like zapping does. Also you should have your gold/elixir storages more towards the outside of your base than you usually do. This allows your base to be more concentrated on protecting your dark elixir. I personally think the base above works great, feel free to try it out.

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