Best Arena 4 Hog Deck in Clash Royale!

Having the best deck at Arena 4 is important to be successful in Clash Royale. Arena 4 or P.E.K.K.A.’s Playhouse is when the good players start to become separated from the pack. If you are level 6, this is the arena you should be in. Down here, the hog is one of the most used cards, so you need a deck to beat it as well as use it. Ill tell you how to use this hog deck for offense, defenses, and substitutes for each card.

Best Arena 4 Deck

Best Arena 4 Hog Deck

The 8 cards for the best arena 4 deck include fireball, spear goblins, valkyrie, minion horde, barbarians, cannon, hog rider, and witch. This deck includes 5 cards that can be used for offense as well as defense, which is the sign of a great deck. You can use any of these cards with the hog and be incredibly successful.

Defensive Uses for Each Card

Fireball: Fireball is best used for eliminating barbarians, musketeer, and wizard (if your opponent has been in Spell Valley). However, since there are no arrows in this deck the fireball can also be deployed to take out minion horde and other spam units like double goblins and minion by themselves.

Spear Goblins: The best use for the spear goblins is to destroy an incoming hog or giant distracted by a simple cannon with spear goblins as a bit of reinforcement card to help out with the destruction. They are also pretty good against minion and a decent distraction to the minion horde.

Valkyrie: The valkyrie is perfect at this level, because most troops are so weak like goblins and archers. The valk can also be used to take out barbs pretty easily. The valkyrie is a perfect tanking unit because it has lots of hit points and it does a lot of damage to any troops that are surrounding her.

Minion Horde: You always need an air troop in your deck and the minion horde is the strongest around. It can easily take out ANY unit that comes towards your tower, just be weary of arrows or any splash damage units. Especially great for taking out another air troop, or units that can shoot air.

Barbarians: Barbarians are just an all around great card to have in your deck. They can defend against any ground troop you placed, just be weary of the cost of that troop you are trying to take out. Use these to take out a hog or a giant if you don’t have a cannon or defense at the ready; the barbs will do a lot of damage while stopping the hog in its tracks.

Cannon: Obviously, the cannon is your main defensive card since it IS a defense. This should be your primary defense for a hog or a giant, with another troop providing support for the cannon. It is able to do lots of work to any offensive unit. Make sure to place the cannon in the middle of your base to pull the hog or giant as far as possible.

Hog Rider: Definitely not a defensive troop, but at the very last resort, use the hog rider as a distraction for any approaching units.

Witch: The witch is great for defense, especially if you place it at the back of your base so that she has time to spawn skeletons as she walks to the front of your base. The best part about the witch is that she can shoot air units and she does splash damage, meaning she can take out minion horde.

Best Arena 4 Hog Deck Defense

Offensive Uses for Each Card

Fireball: The best use for the fireball on offensive would be either to finish off a tower with low health, or to do a prediction fireball on troops that might appear to defend against your hog. The fireball has a push back effect, so even if it doesn’t kill them it buys time for your hog to get another hit.

Spear Goblins: Spear goblins work great in behind your hog to clear any minion, goblins, or archer that might be thrown down to try and counter the hog. They also work great by themselves, when thrown down in front of a tower at the very beginning of play on your unsuspecting opponent to knock a few hit points off his tower.

Valkyrie: In my humble opinion, valkyrie-hog is one of the best pushes in Clash Royale. The valkyrie will easily clear anything put down to stop the hog which means you are basically guaranteed to get a good push in. The only counter to this push would be minion horde, but even then you would get hits off the tower.

Minion Horde: Minion horde paired with the hog rider is also a very good push to have. The only problem is arrows. Arrows can almost completely annihlate your push before it has really actually started. If your opponent has nothing to counter the minion horde however, then you are basically guaranteed a tower.

Barbarians: Yet another great push with the hog rider is with barbarians. Barbarians will act similarly to the valkyrie, clearing the path towards the tower with their aggressive push. Just like arrows for the minion horde, fireball can end this push quickly

Cannon: No offensive value AT ALL.

Hog Rider: The meta of this deck is by far the hog rider, depending on all offense to win. You can pair the hog rider with almost any troop to make a solid pushing combination, just make sure that it gets to the tower! Never send a lone hog rider towards the tower; make sure it is always accompanied by some troop.

Witch: Another great troop to be paired up with the hog. With skeletons and air splash damage, the witch is a decent counter to almost any card placed to stop the hog. Sometimes you can push with just the witch alone, but like the hog, make sure that she is accompanied with some troop.

Best Arena 4 Hog Deck Offense

Substitutes for Each Card

Fireball: Arrows, lightning

Spear Goblins: Goblins, archers,

Valkyrie: Mini-P.E.K.K.A., bomber

Minion Horde: Minions, baby dragon

Barbarians: Skeleton army, skeletons

Cannon: Tesla, tombstone

Hog Rider: Giant, giant skeleton

Witch: Musketeer, knight

Best Arena 4 Hog Deck 2016

Thanks for reading about this top arena 4 deck for the hog! I hope that this can work well for you at 1100-1399 trophies. For more great decks and tips for Clash Royale subscribe to us on YouTube:

14 thoughts on “Best Arena 4 Hog Deck in Clash Royale!

  1. Ya know, I would love to use this deck, but I am so unlucky that at level 6, I do not even have the witch.


      • Oooooook, so I looked at your clan and saw that you guys haven’t warred in a really long time. So an idea popped into my head. Although you’ll probably say no, I think I should ask anyway in the slight chance that I could help you guys.

        You guys haven’t warred in a really long time, and I was thinking, maybe your friends might want to war, but some of you don’t, and it prevents all of you from warring. SO I HAD AN IDEA 😀

        If you all join Polar Cheese, those who want to war will be able to, and those of you (such as yourself) who don’t want to war ATM will be able to continue your push/farm. But I’m going out here on the notion that maybe some of you want to war.

        But yea that’s it, thanks for reading, and please reply, and don’t say no lol


      • Ok finally saw it! I’m good thanks for the offer! 👍🏻 currently I’m trying to get to Titan for my YouTube channel and I’m focused on oushing


      • It’s for after you get to Titan, and for all the other people in your clan who might want to war but can’t because of your push /not enough players


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