Clash Royale Legendary Odds from ALL Chests

Everyone in this game wants a legendary card, but here are the real odds to get a legendary out of every chest in Clash Royale! Today, I ll be explain what the chances are that you get a legendary out of a free, crown, silver, gold, giant, magical, and super magical chest! Watch this video on legendary chances first, it explains legendary odds very well!

So Orange Juice does a great job of explaining everything. I’ll try to sum it all up for you

Clash Royale Legendary Card Odds out of Each Chest

So first off let me give you the odds of pulling a legendary card of out every chest in the game, listed from the best odds to the worst odds!

  1. Super Magical Chest- 46.94%
  2. 12 Win Grand Challenge Chest- 22.65%
  3. Magical Chest- 7.82%
  4. 12 Win Classic Challenge Chest- 2.06%
  5. Giant Chest- 1.25%
  6. Crown Chest- .78%
  7. Gold Chest- .27%
  8. Free Chest- .11%
  9. Silver Chest- .05%

So you might be wondering, how do I get these odds? Well, the odds are based upon how many commons and legendaries are currently in the game of Clash Royale. Every time a new legendary is added the odds increase, but every time a new common is added, the odds go down!

Clash Royale Update 4 New Cards

There is this thing called the “Legendary Factor” which impacts how good the odds are of getting a legendary card compared to how many cards you get out. Super magical chests and magical chests have the same legendary factor, but since you get more cards in the super magical chest, the odds are higher for the SMC.

Clash Royale Super Magical Chest

So the exact formula for figuring out the odds of receiving a legendary from a chest is as follow:

(# of Cards in Chest x # of Legendaries Available) / # of Commons in Game / Legendary Factor

So for an Arena 9 Super Magical chest, the formula would be as follows:

(684 x 7) / 17 / 600

So the odds of getting a legendary out of a super magical chest in Arena 9 would be 47%. Those are pretty good odds, but that is because the Legendary Arena SMC is the best chest in the game. Let’s check the odds for an Arena 4 silver chest, essentially the worst chest you can get a legendary out of:

(6 x 1) / 12 / 10000

So the odds of giving the lava hound out of an Arena 4 silver chest is an insane .00005%. That’s a 1 in 10,000,000 chance.

Clash Royale Super Magical Legendary Princess

Odds with NEW Legendary Cards

But what happens if we add a new legendary or a new common to Clash Royale? If you were to add a new legendary, as will be happening in just a few days with the inferno dragon, the odds of getting a legendary out of an Arena 9 SMC jumps to 54%. If we add in the 2nd legendary, the graveyard spell, those odds go up to 60%!

However, if you were to add in a common card to the game, the odds would drop by 3%, since there are more cards to choose from.

Clash Royale Legendary Odds All Chests

So that is all that I’ve got for you guys today on the odds of getting a legendary out of any chest in Clash Royale! Thanks a ton for reading and check back tomorrow for more Clash Royale content!


86 thoughts on “Clash Royale Legendary Odds from ALL Chests

  1. I just now got a miner from a SILVER chest. I then looked up the odds and it said .05 and I thought it was insane so I commented and…


    • They have changed the legendary chests in quests and in shop I think where it gives from an arena because I got a ram rider at arena 9
      and a sparky at 10


  2. Live gotten around 9-10 legendary cards and I’ve been playing since it came out + I’ve spent 100$ in just over time and I think that reasonable


  3. I got all legendary cards but Princess, most are lvl 2 and got most out of bad chests, I got mk in the leg kings chest, royal ghost from the shop and night witch from the shop, I got ice wiz from crown chest along with miner and lavahound, I got my second lava hound in a clan chest (when the were a thing) and the log from a silver electro in a giant inferno from a magical, a graveyard from a free and also a sparky, and I the rest I bought inside the leg kings chest, like the bandit and magic Archer
    Here is my player tag if you want to check me out, and follow me on ig @taren_mmm.13 where most my posts are cr


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  5. I just got a lumberjack from a gold chest but I’m sad because now I realize that my first and only legendary is not that good in fact it’s quite crappy sadly


  6. Thx for the tip though I got way too much logs. I got 2 logs by magical chests and 1 from a legendary chest.
    Hope I don’t get an another log along the way. I’ll do the tip if I can.


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