Clash of Clans New Troops in the Next Update?

New troops are a must in Clash of Clans to keep this game alive and healthy. In the last new update, 2 new troops were added to the elixir barracks, and there are still 3 troops left in the dark elixir barracks from the bowler. So what are possible new troops that could be coming soon to Clash of Clans?

New Troops in Clash of Clans

The Yeti New Troop

The yeti has long been discussed as a new troop in Clash of Clans and it would work well within Clash of Clans. The yeti would act sort of like an ice wizard in Clash Royale, but it would be stronger and take up more housing space equivalent. He could throw ice that would slow down defenses while also dealing damage. He would most likely have splash damage, affecting a large radius of buildings.

New Troop Yeti Clash of Clans

The Centaur New Troop

The centaur would be a great new troop in the game. He would be a mix between a hog rider and an archer, but he wouldn’t do for defense, but all buildings instead. The centaur would be able to jump walls and shoot from a distance, giving him a huge advantage for attacking. He would probably take up 8 space due to him “riding” a horse instead of riding a pig like a hog rider.

New Troop Centaur Clash of Clans

Royal Giant New Troop

One of the most feared and hated cards in Clash Royale would actually translate well as a new troop in the next update for Clash of Clans. He would basically be the exact same as he is in Clash Royale, a weaker, but ranged giant. The royal giant would take up 5 housing space, like the giant which could add up to a ton of royal giants on the map at once.

New Troop Royal Giant Clash of Clans

Dwarf New Troop

A great new troop would be a dwarf as the 8th dark barrack troop. Like the centaur is a mix between two completely different units, the dwarf would be as well. Imagine a valkyrie with her splash damage to all buildings around her combined with a goblin’s love for resources. The dwarf would target resource buildings first and be pretty tanky probably having more health than a valk.

New Troop Dwarf Clash of Clans

Spider New Troop

The spider has been around for a while like the yeti as a possible new dark troop. Also like the yeti, the spider would slow down defenses by spinning web around them. So the spider would be a pure offensive unit going only for defenses. The spider could also be able to climb over walls, but would be relatively weak like all spiders are.

New Troop Spider Clash of Clans

Ice Wizard New Troop

The ice wizard in Clash of Clans would be almost the exact same as the yeti if given in a new update. Of course, the ice wizard costing 3 elixir in Clash Royale, wouldn’t take up as much housing space or be as powerful as a yeti, but the ice wizard would still be a great support unit, just like in Clash Royale. Another support unit, like the Grand Warden would be a good addition to Clash of Clans.

New Troop Ice Wizard Clash of Clans

Thanks for reading about the new Clash of Clans troops that could be coming soon to our game! I think all of these troops would be sweet to see in action. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

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5 thoughts on “Clash of Clans New Troops in the Next Update?

  1. I want a new village called as the wild. Giant village and a new troop called Eric

    His statistics should be

    Ability:For every 5 seconds a majic sword will come around him


  2. I want that new spells must come in c.o.c. i have discovered one of it let’s make a new spell whose name is ‘place exchanger’or’cyclone’spell ITS effect will be it will exchange the places of any 2 or 4 buildings its housing space should be 1 or 2 as u want


  3. Coc should add these troops :
    1)Prince : Double damage when it will dash .
    Cost : 45000 elixir .
    Housing space : 6
    Dash damage: x2

    2)Slayer : It will be a mercenary , and its splash damage is going to
    be dangerous .
    Cost:3500 de
    Housing space : 7


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