4 New Cards, 2 Legendaries in July 2016 Update!

Today, Clash Royale’s sneak peek confirmed that 4 new cards, 1 common, 1 epic, and 2 new legendaries will be coming in the July 2016 update for Clash Royale! As my leak yesterday said, this update is confirming the 4 new cards! I think almost every update in Clash Royale we will be seeing new cards added in. Anyways, the four new cards in Clash Royale will be the following!

Four New Cards Clash Royale

Four New Cards July 2016 Update

Ice Spirit- The Ice spirit goes right along with fire spirits, except this spirits will stop opponents troops or tower. This new troop will act as a longer zap spell, freezing troops for 2 seconds. The ice spirit though only cost 1 ELIXIR, and extremely cheap troop that I think we will see a lot of.

Ice Spirit Clash Royale

Bowler- Ahh, another Clash of Clans card put into Clash Royale. The bowler will cost 6 elixir, but is completely worth it. He throws a boulder down a lane, being able to wipe out basically any swarm ground troop like goblins or barbarians. Remember, his boulder keeps traveling so don’t place too many cards down at once.

Bowler Clash Royale

2 Legendary Cards- For these two new legendaries, I think that the sneak peek tomorrow will show us that there will be a new one in Frozen Peak, matching the Ice Wizard and also a new one in Spell Valley that will take the Ice Wizard’s place. Just a guess right now, but we will see tomorrow with the next sneak peek!

So this update is really looking sweet, can’t wait to try out some of these new cards and play in the new arena. Really looking forward to these new legendary cards and cannot dream what Supercell could have possibly cooked up for these new cards. Ill be back tomorrow with the next sneak peek; make sure to check back in!

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