Top 10 Best Tank Cards in Clash Royale

Welcome back to the second part of this series, ranking every type of card in Clash Royale. We already did support cards and now we are ranking the top ten best tank cards in Clash Royale! These are cards that are specifically made to be tanks, ranging anywhere from the ice golem to the lava hound. Here are the top 10 tanks in Clash Royale, ranked based off value for elixir and versatility!
Best Tank Cards Clash Royale

Best Tank Cards in Clash Royale

#10- Royal Giant

New Troop Royal Giant Clash of Clans

First up, and one of the most hated cards in Clash Royale, we have the royal giant coming in at the #10 spot. When overleveled, the royal giant would probably rank up in the top 3, but when the royal giant is at tournament standard, it isn’t actually that good. Still, he can get some major damage in on your tower if you don’t counter effectively, which is why he comes in at the ten spot. Still there are only about 12-13 tanks in Clash Royale, so he didn’t beat out too many cards!

#9- Bowler

Bowler Clash Royale

While it could be argued that the bowler is a support card, he is often played as a tank for graveyard decks, which puts him in the tank category in my book. The bowler comes in JUST above the royal giant, mostly because he is more versatile and can defend himself from defensive cards. The bowler can easily take out counter cards like skeleton army and goblin gang, which makes him immune to spam defense. He has a decent amount of health too, allowing the graveyard to build up before he falls from too much damage.

#8- Lava Hound

Clash Royale Legendary Card Lava Hound

LavaLoonion decks are usually at the top of the meta, but that mostly results from the synergy between the lava hound and balloon. The lava hound itself isn’t a great card, dealing almost NO damage to the tower if it manages to get it. The real power of the lava hound as a card is the lava pups, which can deal tons of damage when uncountered. Still, being at the forefront of the one of the best decks in Clash Royale, means that the lava hound has to be one of the better tanks in Clash Royale.

#7- Battle Ram

Battle Ram Clash Royale

A recent rise by the battle ram puts it squarely in the #7 slot for tanks! In my personal opinion, I don’t think the battle ram is that good of a card, being easily countered by tombstone or any defense. Some players though can use it to extreme precision, pairing it well in bridge spam decks to completely dominate their opponent. The BR is a very skilled card, and when you do use it effectively, you can get a whole lot of value for only 4 elixir.

#6- Ice Golem

Ice Golem Clash Royale

Definitely the cheapest tank card in Clash Royale, the ice golem is able to pull its weight by being a reliable counter to most cards due to its high health. While the ice golem doesn’t really act as a tank except in cycle decks, he is definitely considered a tank due to his high health and low damage. This is one of the best defensive cards in Clash Royale, enabling you to counter multiple 5-6 elixir cards with only 2 elixir. Kiting has become a lot more popular in Clash Royale ever since the ice golem was released.


PEKKA Clash Royale

Now, we get to the point where these tanks are really at the forefront of the meta. The PEKKA might just be the second most popular tank card right now in the game, but that doesn’t mean it is the second best. In fact, the PEKKA is easily countered with the inferno tower, even with a zap. However, you can really use the PEKKA on defense, having it be a great counter to giant, golem, and even the hog rider. From that, you can build a massive counter push that even the inferno tower won’t be able to stop.

#4- Giant

Giant Clash Royale

As everyone was probably expecting, the giant is going to make it very high up on our tank rankings, coming in at number four. The giant is the most basic tank card in Clash Royale, offering you good damage and good health for only 5 elixir! Almost any card can be paired with the giant, regardless if it is air or ground. While the giant doesn’t have as much health as a PEKKA, he offers a lot more versatility for 2 less elixir, allowing you to build up some massive pushes around him.

#3- Golem

Golem Clash Royale

Of course, the golem literally defines a tank card in Clash Royale, but it only comes in at number 3. Let’s be honest, the golem is one of the best win conditions in Clash Royale and always will be, but spending 8 elixir can leave you very open for a counterpush. That being said, the golem can three crown an opponent in about a minute if it isn’t countered right, not only offering a whole lot of protection to your support card, but also doing quite a bit of damage itself.

#2- Miner

Clash Royale Legendary Card Miner

Our runner up tank is going to be the miner, which is so strong right now in the current meta. The miner is one of the cheapest tanks in Clash Royale, but it is also one of the most popular. For 3 elixir, you can get insane value out of the miner, taking out an entire elixir collector or just getting a whole bunch of chip damage onto a tower. This legendary card also pairs well with almost every card in the game, with miner hog cycle decks to LavaLoonion-miner decks to giant-miner all appearing in the meta.

#1- Hog Rider

Hog Rider Clash Royale

Last, and almost DEFINITELY not least, we have one of the best cards in Clash Royale, the hog rider! The hog rider is extremely popular right now, appearing in almost 40% of matches. The reason why the hog rider is so good is because he is quick, something none of the other tanks have. This lets him pair well with almost any support card (quick+high health combined) and be used in a number of fast, cycle decks and bridge spam decks. The hog can also do some major damage to the tower if left alone!

So those are my top 10 tanks in Clash Royale! Remember, to me, a tank is only a card that will be used primarily as a tank card and has little defensive or support value. Thus, a valkyrie wouldn’t make this list because it doesn’t get played as a tank as often as a defensive card. Thanks for reading and comment your rankings below!

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24 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Tank Cards in Clash Royale

  1. Golem is the best tank by far, at level 8 having more health then a level 13 King tower. Inferno and elite barbs is the only reason he isn’t the top card


  2. In draft mode, if they got Giant Skeleton, I always have the Golem to kite them away ha ha ha, That’s why Golem is one of the strongest cards! Ha ha ha!


      • True, that’s why I never had a problem with royal giant even if it’s level 13! But you DEFINITELY don’t want to waste everything against Royal Giant , especially if they have Elite Barbarians to ambush you……. I often use PEKKA against Elite Barbarians, but if I used her against royal giant, I still have the Skeleton Army And Dark Prince against more dangerous cards! ESPECIALLY ELITE BARBARIANS


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