Clash Royale YouTuber Challenge Decks and Strategy

The newest challenge in Clash Royale is the YouTuber challenge, in which 10 Clash Royale YouTubers made decks for the challenge, which you can choose to play with. I’m going to explain the decks and strategy to win with each deck in this YouTuber challenge!

Clash Royale YouTuber Challenge Decks

YouTuber Challenge Decks

All of these decks are super diverse, which is great for playing with something besides the meta! Each of the 10 YouTubers are from a different country, which adds to the diversity. My advice would be the pick the one that is closest to the deck you are used to play on the ladder or in challenges. You should definitely know what each deck brings to the table, and know what cards are void in all decks (some noticeable absences are log, PEKKA, and executioner)

Clash with Ash’s Miner Three Musketeers Deck

Clash with Ash Deck YouTuber Challenge Clash Royale

Clash with Ash, the American YouTuber, is bringing a classic miner-three musketeers deck to the YouTuber Challenge! This deck is pretty standard, so hopefully a lot of you have already played it. You have the lumberjack and three musketeers as your main win conditions, while you have the elixir collector to help bait out your opponent’s fireball or poison (none of the decks have rocket or lightning. With goblin gang and minion horde as solid defensive options, this deck ranks pretty highly for this challenge.

Power Ranking: 4

Orange Juice’s Mega Knight Royal Ghost Deck
Orange Juice Deck YouTuber Challenge Clash Royale

Out of all the decks in the YouTuber challenge, this is the one that matches the meta most closely. In fact, this is almost card for card matching one of the most popular decks in Clash Royale, except for the zappies. The whole premise behind this deck is to get the mega knight tanking while the zappies or royal ghost locks on the tower. You can use the goblin hut to support, while the skeleton barrel can be quite costly if you play it right alongside the mega knight or royal ghost.

Power Ranking: 1

Alvaro845’s Giant Skeleton Graveyard Deck

Alvaro845 Deck YouTuber Challenge Clash Royale

While the giant skeleton is pretty far off meta, some of the other cards, like the tornado and goblin hut, are right in the mix. Personally, I don’t think this deck will be great. The fall of the graveyard is certainly not helping this deck, while the dark prince and giant skeleton are two tanks that are mostly on the outside of the meta. Also, there aren’t a lot of cheap cards to help take out left-over defensive troops. No card costs 2 or 1 elixir, which never helps a deck.

Power Ranking: 8

Flake Power’s Golem Night Witch Deck

Flake Power Deck YouTuber Challenge Clash Royale

When the lumberjack and night witch were both buffed the last balance changes, most people predicted that golem lumberjack decks would be beyond strong. We see evidence of that right here, as Flake Power submits a revamped lumberjack golem deck featuring the flying machine. This deck will be EXTREMELY strong in this challenge, as only two decks have the inferno tower or inferno dragon. Build up big with the golem, lumberjack, and night witch.

Power Ranking: 3

Godspeed’s Lumberjack Golem Deck

Godspeed Deck YouTuber Challenge Clash Royale

Godspeed and Flake Power have almost the same deck (6 of the cards are the same), but I would say Godspeed has the advantage here, due to the elixir collector. As mentioned earlier, no YouTuber included the rocket in their deck (many do have poison though), which gives  golem decks a huge advantage. I also like having guards in the deck to help ward off any ground units like the giant. Build up the same way as the previous deck and you’ll kill it!

Power Ranking: 2

Trymacs’ Bowler Graveyard Deck

Trymacs Deck YouTuber Challenge Clash Royale

Here we have my last rated deck for the YouTuber challenge, slated at number 10. Like I said before, the graveyard isn’t in a great spot at the moment, despite including bowler, ice golem, and poison within the deck. Personally, I just don’t think this bowler graveyard deck will flow very well, especially without including zap within the cards. A lot of the cards can tank for the graveyard play, but if you don’t have enough elixir for that, you’ll mostly be running empty, easily counterable pushes.

Power Ranking: 10

kiokio’s Giant Sparky Deck

kiokio Deck YouTuber Challenge Clash Royale

Surprisingly, the giant sparky deck is actually ranked decently well within our power rankings. The reason why isn’t sparky, but the goblin barrel. The log is noticeably absent from all of these YouTuber decks, which will make countering the goblin barrel a nightmare. Also, no deck includes the electro-wizard, which is far and away the strongest counter to sparky in Clash Royale. So, with those two cards being gone, could this deck actually be very successful?

Power Ranking: 7

June’s Royal Ghost Graveyard Deck

June Deck YouTuber Challenge Clash Royale

Any deck with the royal ghost in it is bound to be pretty good, but with the graveyard coming in for an unbelievable 3rd time, will it really be that great? Personally, I really like the combination of royal ghost and graveyard. Instead of a card tanking for the royal ghost, you can have the graveyard tank for the royal ghost. Besides that, you also have the ice golem and cannon cart to support the graveyard, which should work well. The absence of a cheap spell is worrisome though.

Power Ranking: 5

Trapa’s Lava Hound Miner Deck

Trapa Deck YouTuber Challenge Clash Royale

The only deck that is primarily air, this lava hound miner deck is most likely in a tough spot. With most decks having multiple air counter cards, its going to be a hard job getting the lava hound onto the tower. I really like seeing the furnace (never thought I’d say that) because it provides some variance from the constant goblin huts. If you are a skilled LavaLoonion player, then this is definitely the deck for you, but be warned about its use before you start the challenge.

Power Ranking: 9

Grax’s Hog Cycle Deck

Grax Deck YouTuber Challenge Clash Royale

And finally, we have a classic hog cycle deck, featuring NO legendary cards! This hog deck is pretty simple, with the hog and ice spirit pairing nicely for a 5 elixir push. You also have knight, one of the strongest mini-tank cards, and archers, one of the strongest shooting cards. Its really smart to bring the inferno tower too, since every single deck features a tank card that will be cut down by an IT. If you like quick and fast decks, go ahead and play with this hog cycle deck!

Power Ranking: 6

That’s going to wrap up our article on the Clash Royale YouTuber challenge. I hope that all of you are able to get to 12 wins, using whichever one of the decks you are the best at. Thanks for reading and comment below which deck will be the meta in this challenge!

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27 thoughts on “Clash Royale YouTuber Challenge Decks and Strategy

  1. The YTber challenge is over and the win % result are :
    1. OJ’s MK RG deck
    2. Kikio’s Giant Sparky deck
    3. Clash with Ash’s miner 3 M deck
    4. Flake Power’s Golem Night Witch deck
    5. Godspeed’ LJ Golem deck
    6. Alvaro845’s Giant Skeleton Graveyard deck
    7. Trapa’s Lava Hound Miner deck
    8. Grax’s Hog cycle deck
    9. June’s Royal Ghost Graveyard deck
    10. Trymacs’s Bowler Graveyard deck


  2. Hated the challenge I got the Hog cycle deck every time. I’m not interested in Hog decks, 75% of players seem to use Hog in their deck. I’m not comfortable with hog decks cause I never use them. I’m a 4000 trophy player and I only got to 4 wins. I lost all 3 of my games with that hog deck… terrible. I hope you die in a lake of fire “Grax” and I’d be willing to play you anytime. You “tubers” are not that special cause you broadcast your games. My Golem/MK/Nightwitch deck would smash through you.


    • Yep, I really hated that we couldn’t choose which deck we played with. Some of the matchups were basically impossible to win based on what deck you got assigned


  3. “I really like seeing the furnace” Wow! Didn’t you said hate the Furnace ? I know it can stall Goblin Huts but that Was a REAL surprise!


    • I wouldn’t say anything is “wrong” but it definitely has less desirable win conditions than the other decks in the challenge.


      • True, while Goblin Hut, Dark Prince, Poison, Tornado and Ice Wizard are having the biggest rise we’ve ever seen, the terrible fall of the Graveyard and the 100% off meta Giant Skeleton made me feel this deck is….. laughable. Who knows? Maybe this is the perfect chance for the Giant Skeleton to return to the meta.


      • Honestly, I really hope that happens. Unfortunately, until the giant skeleton gets some buff that makes him less easy to counter, its going to be tough 😦


      • He either needs a lot more damage or a bit less sight range so he’s harder to distract or make his bomb explode 1 second faster. Therefore he’ll struggle less against troops. However, if that went too far, his death Bomb might need a nerf


      • I like the decrease in sight range… I have a feeling that he’s going to have a buff in one of the next two balance changes


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