Clash Royale Flying Machine Gameplay and Challenge

The flying machine is finally here in Clash Royale, with the gameplay and the flying machine challenge being released today! I’m going to show you the gameplay of the new flying machine, as well as give you the statistics of it. Also, let’s discuss the flying machine challenge and how to win it in Clash Royale!

Flying Machine Gameplay Challenge Clash Royale

Flying Machine Gameplay

The flying machine is the newest flying card since bats were released back in July. While bats certainly took their spot in the meta fast, it is unsure where exactly the flying machine is going to fit in. We will see in 15 days when the flying machine is released, putting the release date for this new card on October 6th!

Flying Machine Release Date Clash Royale

The other card that is still “Available SOON” is the skeleton barrel, where you can read up on the details here. As for the flying machine, it is kind of like a flying dart goblin, with a very long range and a fast speed. It doesn’t do much damage, but it can quickly add up if you can get it to lock onto a tower. Here are the full statistics for the flying machine, at both level 1 and tournament level!

Level 1 Flying Machine Stats-

Flying Machine Stats Level 1 Clash Royale

Tournament Level Flying Machine Stats-

Flying Machine Stats Tournament Level Clash Royale

Those are a lot of numbers and random words, but what exactly do they mean and how do they stack up against other cards in Clash Royale? Here are the most important stat lines with the flying machine and what other card(s) in Clash Royale that stat compares to!

  • DPS: Dart Goblin
  • Hitpoints: A bit less than a Musketeer
  • Speed: Minions, Baby Dragon, Bandit, etc.
  • Range: Musketeer

Ok, so now that we know all the statistics and what the flying machine compares to, what is the flying machine actually like?? Here’s a picture of the flying machine in action…

Flying Machine Gameplay Clash Royale

The look the Clash Royale team is going for is clearly an old-fashioned DaVinci-like machine that the primitive Clash Royale builder could have assembled. I think it looks pretty sweet, especially when its propellers are rotating. Let me know what you think about the design of the flying machine in the comments below! Here’s a full gameplay video from Orange Juice in which you can see the flying machine in action and see up close images of the newest Clash Royale card.

Flying Machine Challenge

Alright so now that we have covered the gameplay and statistics for the flying machine, let’s start reviewing the flying machine challenge which will be starting September 22nd, 2017.

Flying Machine Challenge Clash Royale

There are two main points to cover when talking about the flying machine challenge. First off, you will obviously be playing with the flying machine and will not be bringing your own deck into the mix. Second, this challenge is a draft challenge, which means that you have a 50% chance of choosing the flying machine each battle. Your deck will be chosen and given to you during this Clash Royale challenge!

Flying Machine Draft Challenge Clash Royale

The cards that you should choose in this challenge should be able to counter the flying machine since you will be playing with or against the flying machine in every battle. The best cards to counter the flying machine for an positive elixir trade are as follows:

  • Minions
  • Archers
  • Dart Goblin
  • Mega Minion

You should definitely have at least one of these in your hand throughout the entire challenge so that you don’t get easily beat by the flying machine. You need to be able to make it to 12 wins in order to enjoy the full rewards of this flying machine challenge. As with all new card challenge, you will be unlocking the flying machine if you win the challenge, as well as if you get 8 wins. Here are the full rewards for the flying machine challenge!

Flying Machine Challenge Rewards Clash Royale

Not too bad at all, considering that you get both gold and flying machines as one time rewards. Also, you will get a pretty substantial challenge chest from winning the challenge.

I am super hyped for the flying machine and you guys should be too! This is one of the last cards before we see new cards in the October 2017 update for Clash Royale. Thanks for reading and comment your impressions of the flying machine down below!

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