Clash Royale Legendary Card Rankings (November 2017)

It is time for a new legendary card rankings for all the legendary cards in Clash Royale! We will be having a power ranking, 13-1, of the legendary cards in Clash Royale as of November 2017. As many of you know, I have done this ranking before, when there were only 12 legendary cards. The top 5 cards then, in order, were electro-wizard, log, graveyard, night witch, and miner. Let’s see how much those rankings were shaken up over the past couple balance changes and updates!

You can view the old ranking here:

Clash Royale Ranking the Legendary Cards

How the Legendary Cards are Ranked

When ranking these cards we put a lot of thought and effort into what makes the best legendary card the best. We are considering a variety of different ways to rank which are order in importance as follows:

  1. Versatility
  2. Cost/Damage Ratio (is the card worth it?)
  3. Strength on defense and offense

So now that you know what we are judging on, lets go ahead and get into the rankings, starting with number 13!

Note: Text color indicates which way the card is trending in regard to the June rankings.

#13- Sparky

Clash Royale Sparky

Despite sparky’s first ever buff, it remains at the very basement of the legendary card rankings. While sparky would be a respectable choice in most other card rankings, for the legendary cards, it just doesn’t make the cut. The buff definitely did help though, with sparky pairing pretty well in behind the giant with a wizard or executioner! Maybe next time it might rise….

#12- Lumberjack

Clash Royale Legendary Card Lumberjack

With the rise of the knight, the lumberjack has been replaced too easily. Offering almost 0 value apart for the rage spell that he drops, the lumberjack has fallen big time in the meta. Some golem-lumberjack decks are pretty effective, but for the most part the lumberjack is outclassed by other cards which can offer almost the same attributes for less elixir.

#11- Lava Hound

Clash Royale Legendary Card Lava Hound

LavaLoonion has taken a big hit over the past couple months, mostly due to the sheer number of cards that can now kill air cards. With musketeer, wizard, and executioner, along with bats and minions sitting at the top of the defensive meta, the lava hound just can’t get through to the tower like it used to. Maybe more health would make it a more effective card?

#10- Graveyard

Clash Royale Graveyard Legendary Card

The graveyard is going to be our biggest faller in these legendary card rankings, dropping an unprecedented 7 spots in a 13 card ranking. It is clear to see why, as graveyard was nerfed pretty hard. With its radius now much smaller and a more predictable spawn rate, the graveyard has become infinitely more easy to counter, which makes it a shadow of the card it once was.

#9- Inferno Dragon

Clash Royale Inferno Dragon Legendary Card

Being on a slow rise of the past few months, the inferno dragon jumps up to #9 in our power rankings. With a faster retargeting rate, the inferno dragon is able to take out spam troops a lot faster. However, if the inferno dragon really wants to become a premier legendary card, it is going to have to be able to kill spear goblins or bats without being taken out first.

#8- Night Witch

Night Witch Clash RoyaleWhile once one of the most OP cards Clash Royale has ever seen, the night witch has transformed into a decent support card, often paired behind the golem or the giant. The bats that the night witch spawns are invaluable for distracting infernos and for getting chip damage on the tower, but the night witch can’t be beat so easily by swarm troops if she wants to move up.

#7- Ice Wizard

Clash Royale Legendary Card Ice Wizard

The slowing aspect that the ice wizard brings to the table is unmatched across Clash Royale, which is why he is right in the middle of the legendary card rankings. The ice wizard can fit into almost any deck, managing to fight off most cards because of his splash damage and his freeze effect. He’s a great defensive or support card, being able to do it all!

#6- Princess

Clash Royale Legendary Card Princess

Despite the heavy prevalence of the log in many decks, the princess is still a great card, actually getting better since the June rankings. Working in perfectly well with zap/log bait decks, the princess finds her spot as a splash damage killer, defending your tank against the popular skeleton army and goblin gang. With a bit more health, the princess would borderline on OP.

#5- Mega Knight

Mega Knight Clash Royale

The newest legendary card in Clash Royale is going to debut at the number 5 spot, which is lower than many people might have predicted at the introduction of the mega knight. #5 is a fair spot for the mega knight, which can take out basically all swarm decks, as long as he has his jump in place. The mega knight is still very new, so testing new decks will find the mega knight its true meta spot.

#4- Miner

Clash Royale Legendary Card Miner

One of the most versatile and valuable cards in Clash Royale, the miner sits at number 4 in our legendary rankings. With the miner, you can get SO much value, completely taking out an elixir collector or supporting just a couple of small units to take down a tower. Once you become a pro with the miner, control decks are your best friend, chip by chip!

#3- Bandit

Bandit Clash Royale

The bandit is going to be our biggest climber in the legendary card rankings, climbing three spots up to #3. The bandit has proved to be such a valuable card, being mostly an offensive card, but also being great on defense to. The immunity while she dashes is borderline OP, often making your opponent panic into placing any card into her path.

#2- Electro-Wizard

Clash Royale Electro Wizard Legendary Card

Our old #1 is no longer the champ, as the greatness of the last legendary card has simply overtaken it. The zap that the e-wiz provides when it lands is great, especially if you need to take out a bunch of small card. The zaps that the e-wiz shoots are even greater though, doing a whole bunch of damage as well as resetting inferno dragon, inferno tower and sparky.

#1- Log

Log Clash Royale

LONG LIVE THE LOG! The log is probably the best card in Clash Royale, offering absolutely insane value for only 2 elixir. Almost every player needs to carry the log in their deck, as the popularity of log bait requires it. The log can push back and damage all units, only limited to what cards are within its path. Besides a huge meta change, nothing can stop the log from domination.

So that is going to wrap it up for our legendary card rankings for November of 2017! Stay tuned soon to see how all of our rankings change in a couple months. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think of the rankings!

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76 thoughts on “Clash Royale Legendary Card Rankings (November 2017)

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  2. If we’re talking about the worst legendary (Let’s not include Sparky and Lava Hound), the worst legendary at most people’s opinion is arguably the most original legendary, Princess and Ice Wizard along with the new Graveyard. I can clearly see why though. I know Log Bait is still strong, but the update kinda weaken Princess badly and Ice Wizard is still badly outclassed by his brother the Electro Wizard. Graveyard is too easily countered after the change.


    • I don’t think it was just inferno dragon… at this point there are so many cards that kill air units that its hard for the lava hound to get by


  3. Personally, even though I like the Lumberjack a lot, I have to admit he’s a bit underpowered compare to the Night Witch, Bridge Spam has risen again, where Night Witch is strong, plus Night Witch’s Bats Definitely offers more value than Lumberjack’s Rage! Still, he can offer lots of value, more than Sparky and Lava Hound at least! (Not saying these 2 are bad)


  4. My rank

    14. Graveyard
    13. Lava Hound
    12. Sparky
    11. Ice Wizard
    10. Lumberjack
    9. Princess
    8. Night Witch
    7. Bandit
    6. E-Wiz
    5. Log (I have to put it down because of the new meta deck that uses the next 4 without log)
    4. Inferno Dragon
    3. Mega Knight
    2. Miner
    1. Royal Ghost


    • Yeah, right now I think that the legendary cards can be interpreted very differently, so its hard to get a good rankings. I agree with RG at number one, but after my rankings would be a bit different


      • It’s a tough choice, but because RG, Miner, Inferno Dragon and Mega Knight is dominating the meta, I have to move Log and E-Wiz down


      • Yeah, its a tough call for sure. I’ll probably do a new ranking in February to show how the meta has changed


  5. If they’re going to nerf some legendaries, it’s definitely going to be the Royal Ghost and maybe his best partners : Miner, Inferno Dragon and Mega Knight


    • If we don’t include the Royal Ghost, Miner is probably the most versatile while Mega Knight is strongest. However, Inferno Dragon is the most popular with even better win rates than both miner and Mega Knight


      • Oh yeah, I completely agree with all you said. Royal ghost is probably the most versatile, strongest, and popular xD


  6. I’ve realised ever since the Elixir collector got nerfed, Miner has became ridiculously OP. Being able to completely shut down the pump without making it produce 1 elixir, also being Princess’s and Dart Goblin’s Nightmare, saving the Log against Goblin Barrel. Being a tank, he can soak up damage for those smaller troops (e.g. Minions). Right now tons of deck contains Miner because of how versatile he is (Especially after Knight’s nerf) and his ability to slowly chip towers. Most people said Miner is the best legendary, even I do!


      • He started off as one of the worst legendaries, but now he’s like one of the best legendaries now! Easy to stop, but really annoying when used correctly. Especially deadly against PEKKA, Golem and Mega Knight (All popular cards)


  7. New ranking for me

    13. Graveyard
    12. Ice Wizard
    11. Lava Hound
    10. Night Witch
    9. Sparky
    8. Lumberjack
    7. Princess
    6. Inferno Dragon
    5. Mega Knight
    4. Miner
    3. Log
    2. E-Wiz
    1. Bandit


    • Not too deviant from my current one, but I think log definitely has to be above bandit. For me the log is the best card in the game. Also, I don’t think graveyard is last as it still has some good value in niche decks


      • It’s either Graveyard or Ice Wizard at last for me, I think you’re right with the Ice Wizard as he can still pose threat on defence, Graveyard is just way too easy to stop


      • How can you say that? Log is hands-down one of the most OP cards in the game. Its able to counter so many different cards, while having the meta based around baiting IT out. Its in almost 35% of people’s decks, which would be 80% without zap.


  8. Inferno Dragon not premier? It’s already a SUPREME legendary nowadays, easy to stop, but extremely versatile to use with tanks being a lot more popular


  9. I know lumberjack is easily countered and there’s better options than him, but how’s it possible that he offers 0 value??? Paired with Hog, EBarbs and Golem, he’s an amazing support. Also he’s very dangerous in 2v2 and touchdown


  10. “With its radius now much smaller and a more predictable spawn rate, the graveyard has become infinitely more easy to counter, which makes it a shadow of the card it once was.” oh dear……. I thought that was a buff……


    • It COULD be seen as a buff, but I definitely think it was nerf. A smaller radius makes it easier to defend since your cards don’t have to travel as far and the spawn rate disallows random skeletons from dealing massive damage


  11. My rank
    13. Ice Wizard
    12. Lava Hound
    11. Night Witch
    10. Graveyard
    9. Sparky
    8. Princess
    7. Lumberjack
    6. Inferno Dragon
    5. Miner
    4. Log
    3. Electro Wizard
    2. Bandit
    1. Mega Knight


    • Whoa, we are VERY different. I think mega knight can be countered WAYYY too easily to be ranked first and the ice wizard is such a versatile card that he has to be higher than last


      • Yeah, I really regret putting mega Knight 1st, but why I think ice wizard is the worst legendary is that it’s too weak, also we have the much hated electro wizard and Ice Golem which offers more value


      • The biggest reason why the ice wizard could be seen as weak is the electro-wizard which is the better alternative, but the ice wizard by itself is still a great card!


  12. There’s a lot I disagree. Firstly I don’t think Sparky deserves to be last place, she’s so good, being extremely deadly on defense although she can still be easily countered, paired with Tornado then the whole push is basically gone. Secondly, Lumberjack is a really great offensive support, especially with popular Hog Rider and Golem around, Lumberjack can be a real support with his rage. Inferno Dragon is really versatile and annoying nowadays even we have the electro wizard , it deserves to be higher, Ice Wizard is too weak to be good, we have the log which makes princess not as good as usual.


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