Best Builder Hall 7 Base Designs in Clash of Clans

Builder Hall 7 was just released in Clash of Clans during the September 2017 update, which means there are a whole bunch of new base designs we need to go over! Let’s share the best BH7 base design layouts in Clash of Clans for Builder Base and why these Builder Hall 7 bases are the best!

Best Builder Hall 7 Base Designs

Best Builder Hall 7 Base Design Layout Clash of Clans

This first base is a very intense funneling base, meant for all the troops to go around from the bottom. The bottom of the base lures in attackers in versus battles, since it seems so open. The traps are all at the bottom, ready to be sprung on night witches, giants, or the new drop ships! The multi mortar covers a huge range, making sure the whole base is safe. It is nearly impossible to reach the roaster as it is surrounded by the crushers and flanked by the new giant cannon! You also can’t rush the top of this base with baby dragon spam, due to the air bombs and firecrackers that give a wide coverage.

Best Builder Hall 7 Base Design Layout Clash of Clans

This Builder Hall 7 base features a more centralized BH, but still very tough to reach. Again, like with most Builder Base layouts, funneling comes into play as a huge part of this base. Attacking from the bottom will make your troops head towards the crushers on the side, while attacking from the top will force your troops towards the roaster. The bottom is the weaker side, which is why the giant cannon cannon patrols, being able to take out the battle machine if it is played early. This base layout is basically impossible to beat with air troops as the firecrackers and air bombs surround the Builder Hall, making it a tough anti-two star base.

Best Builder Hall 7 Base Design Layout Clash of Clans

Last but not least, we have a BH7 base that is a combination of the first two bases shared. Once again, funneling is a big force in this base, leading bottom attacks towards the crushers. The biggest flaw with this base is the ease at which the giant cannon can be taken, but it makes it for it with a difficulty to take the multi mortar, along with a centralized air defense around the Builder Hall. With the multi mortar and archer tower at the top, you can’t pick off that many buildings, making it much easier to attack from one of the sides. Traps are running rampant on the sides though and the crushers will await your opponent’s troops.

So those three base designs will climb you high in trophies if you are lucky enough to be ready to upgrade to BH7! I’m disappointed that there was nothing for the home village in this update, but there will be an October update for Clash of Clans, in which there will be some update to the home village. Thanks for reading and comment below your impressions of the update!

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