Clash Royale Heal Spell Draft Challenge

The heal spell is finally released for Clash Royale, but you can only unlock the newest Clash Royale card through the heal spell draft challenge. This is an overview of the new heal spell and the heal spell draft challenge!

Clash Royale Heal Spell Draft Challenge

Heal Spell Overview

The heal spell is the newest card introduced in Clash Royale, from the March 2017 update. This update also featured the bandit, along with night witch and bats which are still to come.

The heal spell brings a whole new concept into the game, the ability  to heal. So far in Clash Royale, no card has been able to heal anything else! Of course, the heal spell can’t heal buildings or arena towers, but it can heal all troops, regardless of ground or air. Here are the heal spell’s stats at level one:

Clash Royale Heal Spell Stats

It’s duration and radius will always stay the same no matter how much you upgrade it. The only thing that changes is the heal per second, which increases to 176 at tournament standard. Here’s how the heal spell stacks up against other spells.

  • Duration: Same as tornado
  • Radius: Same as clone

From what I’ve see the heal spell looks pretty powerful, healing all units quickly within its range. The heal spell heals quicker than arena towers and king towers do damage, meaning you can keep troops alive if there is no other counter. Watch Orange Juice’s video on heal spell strategy and use:

Heal Spell Draft Challenge Overview

While the heal spell will be in game, the only way to win heal spells will be in the heal spell draft challenge!

Clash Royale Heal Spell Draft Challenge

This draft challenge will be almost exactly like the the bandit draft challenge. It will be a normal draft challenge, but every battle, one player will get the option to draft the heal spell. The rewards will be half of a normal grand challenge, but as with most special events, there will be extra rewards for hitting win milestones!

Clash Royale Heal Spell Draft Challenge

So here are all the extra rewards for hitting specific win amounts. Remember, you will still get a chest after you win 12 or lose 3.

  • 4 wins- 2,500 gold
  • 6 wins- 10 heal spells
  • 8 wins- 1 giant chest
  • 10 wins- 25,000 gold
  • 12 wins- 100 heal spells

If you get 12 wins, you will have enough to upgrade your heal spell to tournament standard! Hitting 6 wins will give you enough heal spells to upgrade to 4.

That’s going to do it for the heal spell draft challenge and overview of the heal spell! Thanks for reading and comment down below what you think of the new heal spell card!

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41 thoughts on “Clash Royale Heal Spell Draft Challenge

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  2. What happens if you get the card in a draft challenge but you are not in that arena.Do you still get it or wait till you get into that arena.


  3. If poison still slows down troop, i’m sure heal will give a minor speed boost, but now poison doesn’t slow troops, it created this heal


  4. One day, sparky + heal spell will be the best way to troll, cause in this period of time sparky trolls more than royal giant and X bow


    • You know what DOES troll – golem, RG, Xbox. I’ve done it before, works very well, if you can pull off all the stuff in double elixir. WARNING – CAN THREE CROWN IN UNDER 2 MINUTES


  5. These cards will be broken when heal is released
    Electro wizard
    Elite barbarians
    Inferno dragon
    X bow


  6. These card will see a decrease when heal is released
    Elite barbarians
    Big guys (not exactly tanks) like knight, miner etc.
    Lightning (maybe)


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  8. as heal was an anti-poison spell, heal will be poison’s worst victim, will poison still be good? Or get totally knocked out by heal?


  9. With the heal spell appeared, these cards should see a rise of usage
    Inferno dragon
    Royal giant
    Mini P.E.K.K.A.
    Balloon (already popular)
    Electro wizard (already popular)
    Any lightning victims which survived
    It’ll be a nightmare cause this period of time balloon and E-wiz was already a nightmare, and the heal and the balloon and e wiz will became the top of the meta


    • Mirror will see a increase too as fireball hits glass cannon like musketeers wizards witches and electro wizards, they’ll heal them back too full health, since the copy is a level higher, you mirror the fireball and kill them cause they can’t survive a fireball which is a level higher


  10. I have a feeling that the overall gameplay in Clash Royale will change drastically from the heal spell’s release. Good luck to all you clashers out there, especially in hog mountain and higher!


      • That’s so true! Miner cycle decks will be so op now, and even graveyards, with certain level differences, will be amazing against skarmies defending. Also, for example, a level 4 skeleton army vs. a level 5 one would result in, if the level 5 one had heal, no deaths (because they would heal back the sliver of health before the next attack).


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