Brawl Stars September Update: New Legendary Brawler (Sandy)

The new September update for Brawl Stars has been announced, with a new legendary brawler named Sandy and two new gamemodes called Lone Star and Takedown. Here’s everything that is coming in the September 2019 update to Brawl Stars!

Brawl Stars September Update

Sandy (New Legendary Brawler)

With the last legendary brawler being Leon, there was definitely time for another. Sandy is going to be newest legendary brawler in Brawl Stars! Sandy is a ranged attack unit, who throws sand in a wide radius and long range.

Sandy New Legendary Brawler Brawl Stars

His attack is also able to pass through enemy brawlers, just like Nita’s or Poco’s attack. Also, Sandy’s super is going to be a sandstorm, which makes you and your team brawlers invisible when standing inside. This sandstorm will do damage once you unlock the star power.

Sandy New Legendary Brawler Brawl Stars

I think Sandy looks amazing and cannot wait to see his mechanics in Brawl Stars!

New Gamemodes (Lone Star + Takedown)

Along with a new brawler, there are also going to be two new gamemodes coming to Brawl Stars in the September update. First up, is Lone Star, which is going to be a free-for-all gamemode that is basically like 1v1 Bounty.

Lone Star Gamemode Brawl Stars Update

In Lone Star you want to try and get as many stars as possible by killing as many opponents as you can. The second gamemode that will be updated is Takedown, another single-player gamemode.

Takedown Gamemode Brawl Stars Update

In Takedown, you want to try and deal as much damage to the enemy boss as possible, all while trying to kill fellow brawlers. These two gamemodes look amazing and I cannot wait to try them out!

New Skins

There will be three new skins coming in this update, a Sandy skin, a Barley skin, and a Gene skin. Here’s what all the skins look like!

  • Pirate Gene skin (buy using gems)Pirate Gene Skin Brawl Stars Update
  • Sleepy Sandy skin (buy using gems)Sleepy Sandy Skin Brawl Stars
  • Red Wizard Barley skin (buy using star points)Red Wizard Barley Skin Brawl Stars

And that’s going to wrap it up for the September 2019 update in Brawl Stars. I am super excited for the two new gamemodes coming, and to see Sandy gameplay as well. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about this new Brawl Stars update!

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