Brawler Power Rankings for Brawl Stars (April 2019)

The Brawl Stars meta is constantly shifting, as new brawlers are released and old brawlers get nerfed and buffed. With different game modes (Showdown, Heist, Gem Grab, Bounty, Siege, Brawl Ball), different brawlers excel in certain game modes. Here are our overall power rankings of each brawler for April 2019!

You can view the old ranking here:

Note: Text color indicates which way the card is trending in regard to the January rankings.

Brawler Power Rankings

#24- Crow

Crow Brawl Stars

In all honestly, Crow is definitely not the worst brawler in the game, but, because of the fact that he is a legendary brawler, means that he should be better than he is. Crow is in desperate need of a buff that puts him on par with the other legendaries, Leon, and Spike. Also, Crow is our biggest faller, dropping 20 spots in these rankings.

#23- Carl

Carl Brawl Stars

As the newest brawler in Brawl Stars, its probably a good thing that Carl isn’t at the top of the rankings. Still though, Carl has been extremely weak, due to his one attack (which takes forever) and the weak damage that the one attack does. The one bright spot is Carl’s super, which can shred any non-shotgunner like butter.

#22- Piper

Piper Brawl Stars

Anyone who has been playing Brawl Stars for a while knows the story. Piper is absolutely OP in Bounty, but pretty much useless for any other game modes. Piper takes a lot of skill to play well, but if you can figure out her shot and how to deal the maximum damage, she can turn into a top tier brawler pretty fast.

#21- Mortis

Mortis Brawl Stars

I really love Mortis as a concept, but with the popularity of Darryl, Shelly, and Bull in the meta right now, it is tough for Mortis to be able to dominate. Of course, against low-health brawlers like Dynamike and Barley, Mortis is as great as a weapon as you can get. Let’s hope that Mortis gets a slight buff sometime soon in the future.

#20- Rico

Rico Brawl Stars

I understand that a lot of people are big fans of Rico, but personally, I don’t favor him more than Colt, Brock, or Penny, who all offer similar usage as Rico. What I really think Rico needs is a health buff, as he is tied for the lowest health out of any brawler. It takes a really skilled aim to succeed with Rico too, which makes him a tough brawler to pick up and dominate with.

#19- Frank

Frank Brawl Stars

If not for Frank’s insanely slow reload time, he’d be the best brawler in the game, no doubt. But, it is good the reload time is so slow, because it supports skilled gameplay and upfront confrontation. I think Frank really excel at gem grab and brawl ball, two modes that push players together towards a common point.

#18- Tara

Tara Brawl Stars

Despite how every brawler seemingly has a backstory, I feel like Tara isn’t really unique. Bo has a similar normal attack as her, and now Gene has a similar super to her. Tara is a great support option, but in showdown and other modes that support 1v1s, Tara is far from the best brawler to get the job done.

#17- Gene

Gene Brawl Stars

As this is Gene’s first ranking, #17 is actually pretty decent, especially after how Gene debuted. I think Gene’s pull ability as his super gives him the potential to work extremely well with shotgunners, but as a single unit, Gene is sometimes weak. He is amazing at Gem Grab and Brawl Ball, but less than average in all other gamemodes.

#16- Barley

Barley Brawl Stars

I’d say from Barley up, we start to have the real elite, constantly good brawlers. One of the main reasons Barley is ranked so low is because of the dominance of Dynamike at the moment. As a crowd control unit, Barley can match up well in all gamemodes, but most players prefer Dynamike for the higher damage vs. Barley’s radius of attack.

#15- Poco

Poco Brawl Stars

Out of any brawler in Brawl Stars, Poco is probably my favorite. His long range, as well as spread out attack, makes him easy to use and do damage over time, especially to brawlers like El Primo and Bull who have short ranges. The healing super can be a game-changing move that can single handedly win a battle.

#14- Nita

Nita Brawl Stars

Surprisingly, Nita’s attack actually deals a bunch of damage, which makes her perfect as a long range brawler who can pack a punch if your aim is true. In modes like Bounty, where long-range brawlers are popular, its nice to have the bear as a super to help protect your *usually* low-health squad from attacks.

#13- Bo

Bo Brawl Stars

Despite not having any nerfs or buffs, Bo has gradually gained ground in the Brawl Stars meta. Having the vision to see in bushes is a HUGE advantage, especially if you are playing with friends you can communicate with in real time. The bombs can also provide a funneling option to keep opponents away from a certain area.

#12- Jessie

Jessie Brawl Stars

I’ve only very recently grown on the idea of Jessie. I used to not like Jessie very much as a brawler, but the attack bouncing from enemy brawler to enemy brawler, makes it nice to hit multiple units at once while not having a splash damage attack. The turret from her super can also be extremely helpful to have another damage-dealing entity on the floor.

#11- Colt

Colt Brawl Stars

Since Colt shoots a stream of bullets, you’ve got to have pretty good accuracy to dominate as him. With his super just being an amped up version of his regular attack, this is even further true. I love Colt as a brawler, since he can bring some major damage, especially if you’re able to connect on all of the bullets. The super is able to shred all brawlers, including El Primo.

#10- Penny

Penny Brawl Stars

I didn’t even realize, until a couple days ago, that Penny’s shot deals more damage behind after it hits an initial target. This is a big part of winning as Penny, since you aren’t safe as an opponent standing behind a tanky brawler. Also, the mortar is insane. Period. I really want the mortar to be nerfed, especially the range.

#9- Shelly

Shelly Brawl Stars

With shotgunners sitting right at the top of the meta, Shelly is still in a great spot, being able to excel in any given gamemode. Since her super is one of the strongest in the game, its tough for ANY brawler to defeat her with that charged up. Even with the popularity of alternatives like Darryl and Bull, Shelly is still a top tier option.

#8- Spike

Spike Brawl Stars

While Spike is definitely in a great spot in the meta, I feel like he is currently lacking the big punch to crack into the top, TOP tier of brawlers right now. Spike’s super is great for containing a large group of brawlers, especially in team gamemodes. Gem Grab and Siege have got to be his two best gamemodes, with showdown still slacking a bit.

#7- Brock

Brock Brawl Stars

Recently, Brock has really started to grow on me as a brawler. You might not have noticed, but Brock’s attack actually does slight area damage, making it easier to hit brawlers hidden close to a wall. The super that Brock unleashes is absolutely devastating as well, making it tough to escape with significant health.

#6- El Primo

El Primo Brawl Stars

In the right hands, El Primo can run every single gamemode in Brawl Stars. He can work well in a team environment, such as Gem Grab, being the gem collector for the team, thanks to his high health. It also helps that El Primo can get some movement through his super, making it easier to kill long range units when it’s charged up.

#5- Dynamike

Dynamike Brawl Stars

Ahhh, the epitome of teaming in Showdown. While Dynamike is certainly a top tier brawler, the ability to team so easily in Showdown does contribute to his top 5 spot. Besides that, Dynamike also packs a huge punch when it comes to his attack, being able to kill most brawlers with only two connections with his dynamite.

#4- Leon

Leon Brawl Stars

There’s no doubt Leon isn’t as strong as he was when he was first released, but he’s still one of the best brawlers in the game. The blades he throws as his main attack offer both damage and range, giving you the ability to hit a quick attack at a distance. Leon’s super is also super versatile, offering a quick getaway or stealth attack.

#3- Darryl

Darryl Brawl Stars

To be honest, I absolutely hated Darryl when I first unlocked him. He sat at around 30 trophies, being completely unused. Eventually, I realized the easy trophies that would come from pushing with him and I was hooked on Darryl. The insane damage he deals at close range is made better by his super, which gets him close and personal to any brawler.

#2- Bull

Bull Brawl Stars

In our first rankings, Bull was ranked last, which I definitely regret a bit. This was because I didn’t realize his INSANE potential in Showdown, which is by far his best gamemode. Even in other gamemodes, Bull offers a tanky, heavy attack which pairs up nicely with long ranged brawlers like Colt and Brock.

#1- Pam

Pam Brawl Stars

Finally, our top brawler is going to be Pam, which is hopefully unsurprising. Pam is almost definitely slotted for a nerf in the next balance changes, since her healing station is definitely a top 5 super in the game. Her high health and spray attack makes it tough for any type of brawler to take Pam down. Enjoy her while she’s still at the top!

That’s going to wrap it up for the April 2019 brawler power rankings for Brawl Stars. An updated version of these rankings will be out in another 3 months as the meta changes. Thanks for reading and comment below your Brawl Stars brawler rankings!

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25 thoughts on “Brawler Power Rankings for Brawl Stars (April 2019)

  1. “The cards he throws as his main attack offer both damage and range, giving you the ability to hit a quick attack at a distance.”
    Uhh… Leon throws shurikens.


  2. “Ahhh, the epitome of teaming in Showdown. While Dynamike is certainly a top tier brawler, the ability to team so easily in Showdown does contribute to his top 5 spot.“ this quote just made my laugh real hard


  3. “such as Gem Grab, being the gem collector for the team” just remember, don’t jump to the enemy spawn with 10 gems!


  4. “If not for Frank’s insanely slow reload time, he’d be the best brawler in the game” actually Frank has one of the fastest reload speed in the game, it’s just that every time he attacks, he takes so long to actually swing his hammer, delaying every attack he does


  5. My rank

    24. Shelly (she’s just garbage other than her super)
    23. Piper
    22. Carl
    21. Poco (Pam is just too strong for him to be viable — HOWEVER, he’ll rise next time for sure if Pam gets nerfed)
    20. Crow
    19. Frank
    18. Dynamike (control is better than burst now, so Barley’s definitely better)
    17. Mortis
    16. Tara
    15. Rico
    14. Bo
    13. Colt
    12. Gene
    11. Darryl
    10. Penny
    9. El Primo
    8. Brock
    7. Leon
    6. Nita
    5. Bull
    4. Spike
    3. Jessie
    2. Barley (pls nerf)
    1. Pam (pls nerf)


  6. There’s no way Barley and Nita are that low, they’re probably some of the best brawlers right now, I feel like control is very important in the game, and they both offer some of the best control for the maps

    Also Shelly is absolutely garbage, her super is really one of the best but her normal stats are terrible, at a distance she deals like no damage similar to Bull, but at least Bull has enough HP to do well in most game modes, problem is it’s too hard for her to get close to enemies, and unless she has her super, the burst damage wasn’t even as strong as Bull or Darryl, and it’s not even as consistent as El Primo, not to mention Pam just hard counters her


    • Again it’s all subjective. While in the Clash Royale rankings, we should have very similar rankings, these Brawl Stars ones are much more debatable


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