What to Upgrade First at TH7

Welcome to the second installment of getting a new Town Hall. I did TH6 below and today I will be talking about what to do when you first get TH7. Dark Elixir doesn’t really matter until TH8 so it is pointless to work on at TH7.

2 builders: You should do the same as TH6; build and upgrade anything that takes an hour. Also upgrade any new walls to level 6. This will help keep your base even. After that, build your new mortar and upgrade your laboratory. You need to get those level 4 troops fast!

3 builders: Once again, build anything short and upgrade all your walls to 6. Also upgrade your lab and build your new mortar. With your 3rd builder, build the new air defense. This will make you much harder to beat by mass dragons.

4 builders: Do all the previous stuff mentioned in 3 builders. You have one extra builder so I would recommend getting started on building your brand new hidden tesla. To review you should upgrade your laboratory, while building a mortar, an air defense, and a hidden tesla.

Note: Do not upgrade your Town Hall until you have completely maxed your base!

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