What to Upgrade First at TH6

STL bringing a series about what to do first when you get a new Town Hall. You should max your base so save all your resources when your Town Hall is upgrading to the next level.

2 builders: With two builders the first thing you should do is build everything that takes under an hour. Afterwards concentrate on getting all your walls to 5. Then upgrade your new wizard tower and mortar until they are equal with your others.

3 builders: First off, build everything quick once again. Upgrade all your new walls to 5 at least then work on your mortar and wizard tower. Since you have the extra builder you should upgrade your laboratory or your spell factory, whichever is more important to you.

4 builders: Once again upgrade all your walls to 5 and upgrade your new mortar and wizard tower. This time since you have 4 builders you can upgrade both your lab and spell factory. More builders is always better to have!

Hopefully, this helps with your new Town Hall 6 and puts you in the right direction.

Note: Do not upgrade your Town Hall until you have completely maxed your base!


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