What to Upgrade First at TH8

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts, I was diagnosed with diabetes and I’ve been trying to figure out everything. Today, I bring the getting Town Hall 8 and what the first things to buy are. I would always save one builder for upgrading your drill until you get it to 3.

2 builders: If you have been using your gems correctly, hopefully you don’t have 2 builders! However, if you do, the first thing you should do is buy everything that takes less than an hour to build/upgrade. Get all your new walls to 6 (or 7 if you have all 7s beforehand). Then build your dark elixir drill and upgrade your lab. This will get DE production rolling and enable you to get level 5 troops right off the bat!

3 builders: Doing the same as with 2 builders (walls and quick builds) should be easier with an extra builder. You should once again build your DE Drill and upgrade your laboratory. Once more builder enables you to start upgrading one of your mortars.

4 builders: Once again, build/upgrade anything new that takes under an hour; upgrade your lab t0 6 and build your dark elixir drill. This time with two extra builders you can start working on getting your mortars to 6, and with the other builder start upgrading your cannons to 9. This is extremely cheap costing only 800k.

5 builders: Do I even need to say this time? With 5 builders, I would concentrate 2 on DE Drill and Lab, but with your other 3, upgrade your mortars and cannons at the same time. The 5th builder can be used to upgrade a second mortar/cannon depending on which one you feel is better.

Note: Do not upgrade your Town Hall until you have completely maxed your base!

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