How to Rule Global Chat in COC

We all want to recruit the best people to join our clan. The easiest way to recruit is to go on global.

Therefore, you want to go on global chat in order to recruit members for your clan.However, global chat can be a pain, there are lots of annoying people mixed with amazing players who seem to suck all the clan-less players into their clan. I’m here to help you get a chunk of those players into your clan. Don’t end up like this!

Muted in Global

Note: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, say “Join my clan” or something similar. This is the fastest way to be reported.

Step One: The very first thing you should do upon entering global chat is say “Hi” or “Hey” or any variation of greeting. This will tell people that you are a cool guy to talk to and aren’t interested in spamming “Join” or “Join my clan”

Step Two: Start a conversation. Just talk about how other people are doing, ask them what you should upgrade next or something else Clash related. Build up some relationships.

Step Three (Part 1): Ask the people you have become friendly with if they would be interested in joining your clan. If not, its no big deal, just say “OK, that’s cool” or something along those lines.

Step Three (Part 2): If someone comes along that is clanless, you can still ask them to join. Just don’t say “JOIN MY CLAN”. Ask them politely, such as “Hey ____, would you like to join?” Simple and easy and not at all pushy.

There you have it guys. Three easy steps to rule global chat. Follow these guidelines and just be polite overall, and I’m sure your clans will double in size! Bye for now, and cross your fingers for this update!

3 thoughts on “How to Rule Global Chat in COC

  1. Hey,would you like to join?


    We started just a week ago and we have 20 members.Anyone active can join and earn elder and co by donating.Though Indians we have no hesitation for foreigners.Reply for doubts


  2. Reblogged this on The best Clash of Clans tutorials and commented:
    If anyone thinks that psychology doesn’t apply in games, you are wrong. These are some very good tricks to get people to join your clan. I would like to add something, though. If you have enough time, and you know some psychological tricks, you can carefully steer your conversation towards clans, and make them ask to join your clan himself. If that doesn’t work, then ask him/her to join. Also, check the other person’s profile, because there is not very possible to get a co-leader or leader would join your clan. Also, make sure that they have donated a lot before and scored a lot of stars before. Be careful if someone asks for co or elder, because they might just kick everyone in your clan. Never give newcomers elder.


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