Clash of Clans Complete Update History

Since a new update should be coming out soon, I thought it would be cool to tell you guys about Clash of Clans before all the update.

I will be going through all the updates in Clash of Clans HISTORY, and sharing what I think the 3 best changes in that update were. Note: I did not add small updates with minor improves or bug fixes. Lets start it off!

August 2, 2012- Clash of Clans releases worldwide

August 2012

1. Hidden Tesla added as a new defense

2. Traps now visible when viewing clan members’ villages

3. Cooldown to shield buying added

September 2012

1. Spells are added! Lightning, heal, and rage are the only ones available

2. Replays- you can now review an attack on your base

3. Level 3 dragons are a possible upgrade

October 2012

1. Minimum amount of trophies to join a clan can now be set

2. Kick message after being kicked from a clan

3. Moderated global chat adds to a cleaner enviroment

October 2012

1. Town Hall 9 is released!

2. X-Bows come with TH9 becoming the most dominant defense

3. The Jump Spells is now unlocked at level 4 spell factory

November 2012

1. Boost resource and army buildings now available

2. Level 7 Army Camps at TH9

3. Additional space added to the village map

January 2013

1. Heroes: The Barbarian King and the Archer Queen!

2. Dark Elixir is released as a new resource

3. Level 9 and level 10 walls are added

February 2013

1. Level 6 troops: barbarians, archers, giants, balloons

2. Air Bombs and Seeking Air Mines unlocked

3. Local Leaderboards tell who this best in your country is

March 2013

1. New Dark Elixir Troops, the minion, hog rider, and valkyrie

2. More than one wall can be moved at a time

3. Wall Breaker AI improved (it was absolutely awful)

April 2013

1. Golems are unlocked as the 4th dark barrack troop

2. Leagues now show how many trophies someone has

3. Clan mail can be sent by the leader

May 2013

1. Town Hall 10 is released! (1 year and 7 months ago btw)

2. Inferno tower is now the best defense in the game

3. See all your defense in the Defense Log

June 2013

1. The Freeze Spell is added to combat Infernos

2. Level 8 army camps make 240 troop space possible

3. Level 6 lightning and heal spells

July 2013

1. The Witch becomes the 5th dark barrack troop

2. Share your most heroic attacks in clan chat

3. Now you can mute annoying players on global

August 2013

1. Hog Riders now target defenses not normal building

2. Player Profile makes it easier to see all player stats

3. Cooldown for elder kicks to prevent trolling

September 2013

1. Village Edit Mode! Before this is was a complete pain to design a new base

2. Level 8 mortar to combat barch attacks

3. Easier to donate due to an arrow indicating next request

November 2013

1. Traps can now be upgraded and rearmed all at once

2. Level 6 goblins for max loot raiding!

3. A kick cooldown to prevent clan spam

December 2013

1. Multi-target Inferno Tower is added to prevent hog attacks

2. Loot is decreased based on Town hall level

3. The Santa Strike seasonal defense is briefly available

January 2014

1. Hero Abilities: Iron Fist and Royal Cloak

2. Clan Co-Leaders can help run the clan when the leader is away


March 26, 2014- Boom Beach releases worldwide

April 2014

1. Clan wars!

2. Clan wars!

3. Clan wars!

May 2014

1.  War base edit-mode is now available for designing that perfect defense

2. A whole bunch of new clan war stats

3. Village Edit Mode now unlocked at TH3

July 2014

1. Jump Spell now acts as a flare

2. Hero Changes… basically, heroes can’t be lured anymore

3. Hogs nerfed hard by increased giant bomb damage

July 7, 2014- Clash for Dummies is founded

September 2014

1. The Lava Hound becomes a tank in the sky

2. Level 7 barbs and archers are now available

3. Walls level 8+ can be upgraded with elixir as well as gold (doesn’t last long)

October 2014

1. 4th mortar unlocked at TH8!

2. The Skeleton Trap acts as a mini clan castle of sorts

3. Clan profile changes: clan tag, clan location, and war frequency

December 2014

1. Layout Editor makes it much easier to design bases and save them

2. Loot gets an upgrade with level 12 mines and collectors

3. Town Hall 7 can now build a Dark Elixir Drill

Well there you have it folks! What I personally consider the best parts of every update Clash of Clans has had. Tell me if you agree or disagree in the comments below.

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