Conquering Boredom in Clash of Clans!

We all hit that wall; we start getting bored playing a certain game even after years of devoted gaming. In this case, we will be talking about Clash of Clans. You need to know how to get by these lows and to get back to the highs! I have 3 easy ways to fix your game and have fun again!

Switch It Up!

We all want to get that loot! But sometimes, getting into the same routine over and over- barching for an easy 50%, gets extremely boring. You have got to get out that routine! Now obviously, there are 3 types of this game. If you are stuck in one, go try another!

Pushing: I would recommend start pushing. Try a new approach and some new strategies and see how high you can get! You can go for a personal goal or just trying to hit a league such as Masters. It will teach you new ways to look at the game by going for the win, not the loot.

War: War lets your clan bonds and it gets exciting, just the thing you need to pull you out of your low. You can try out a whole bunch of strategies on a whole bunch of different bases. I guarantee each raid won’t be the same!

Take a Break!

Sometimes you just need to take a bit of time off from the game. You could just ignore games in general for that whole time, or you could try out another game, such as Boom Beach!

Boom Beach

Boom Beach would be a lot different than Clash, and it would provide with new excitement from starting a new game. Of course, once you realize you miss CoC, come back and hopefully your low will be cured!

Go Visiting!

Clans are the social aspect of this game. Being in a boring clan that doesn’t chat much might be bring you as a player down. Go try visiting some other clans. You can always return to your original clan, but getting a new taste of what else is out there might make you realize that this game isn’t so boring after all!

Top Clans

So, if you are getting bored, make sure to try out one of the methods and see if it works out for you! Thanks for reading and make sure to check back later for new posts!


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