Ruled Out Updates in Clash of Clans

Hey there fellow Clashers! As we all realize, the April/May update is fast approaching. The Clash of Clans twitter keeps giving us little hints and nudges that tell us that the sneak peeks will be starting soon! I would expect sometime next week for the first sneak peek! Anyways, while we wait around for this, I thought it would be interesting to go over some of the features Clash of Clans has for ruled out updates.

Note: These are subject to change. They did originally have Clan Wars on this list, but have since added it. These are just the features, Clash of Clans has ruled out AT THE TIME. Enjoy the ruled out updates!

Ruled Out Updates Clash of Clans TH11 New Hero New Troop

Ruled Out Updates

So once again, these are subject to change. One of these is actually GOING to be in the next update so Clash has since changed their mind about adding that on. Therefore, I will be giving each one a “reliability” factor; in other words the chance this will be added, in a scale 1-10; 1 meaning “No chance” and 10 meaning “Definitely will be added” Remember these are “ruled out updates” at the time. Have fun reading!

Donating (or trading) resources or gems to (with) other players.

Personally I could never see this happening. Just imagine a maxed TH10 giving a TH6 lots of gold and elixir. It would destroy the game from the inside; there

would be no point to playing anymore.

Chance of Update: 1

An exchange building to convert between elixir, gold, dark elixir, or gems.

This is very similar to the last ruled out update. I believe that anything that has to do with trading resources, switching resources, or changing resources in any way will never be in an update.

Chance of Update: 2

Assigning multiple builders to one build/upgrade.

This has a SMALL possibility of happening. The upgrade times at TH9 and TH10 are 14 days for a single building. Supercell may decide to help out these higher level players by adding this. Maybe if you had 2 builders, it would take 1/2 of the build time?

Chance of Update: 3

Ability to change village name.

This IS happening! You can read more if you click here. Just a few days ago, Clash of Clans confirmed that this will be coming in a future update. Most people never thought this would be implemented, but you will be able to change your village name soon!

Chance of Update: 10

Resetting or restarting a specific village.

This is another reasonable ruled out update that could be added. Once you get to be a maxed base, life in Clash gets pretty boring! A lot of these players will delete the game and start a new village on a different device. It would be a lot easier if they could just reset their base.

Chance of Update: 5

Allow the player to choose troops from the army camp that can defend the village.

I don’t believe we will ever see this. The Clan Castle reinforcement troops already take care of defending your base. It would be completely pointless if you could choose troops from your camps, when the army camps are only used for attacking, not for defense.

Chance of Update: 1

More Spells

A new spell has a chance to be added with Town Hall 11. I’ve been thinking about this and I’m not sure what they could add. Boom Beach has two viable options: a Smoke Screen and a Flare, although a flare could be extremely overpowering in Clash of Clans. However, I doubt we see this until TH11 is released.

Chance of Update: 6

More Heroes

There has been a recent debate about this when the Clash of Clans April Fools Day prank came out. Read more here. I could see a new hero in the future, possibly unlocked at TH10, but more likely TH11. Like the new spell, I don’t think this will happen without a Town Hall 11.

Chance of Update:7

New ‘tower’ (light tower, confusion tower, wind tower)

Yet another ruled out update dependent on Town Hall 11 being added. Some of the ideas listed are great, but I think the most possible is a Freeze Tower. This would freeze troops similar to a Shock Launcher in Boom Beach.

Chance of Update: 6

TH 11

Although this might not happen in the next update, we are all counting on it by the end of the year. Clash of Clans knows they have to add this is they want to keep up interest in their game. The high level players are getting bored sitting at a maxed TH10 so they will need to add this to survive as a game.

Chance of Update: 9

Able to reset the link device button

This is kind of confusing, but I believe this means to be able to delete an account that you linked. I’m not sure this is too big of a deal, so I think there is a possibility Supercell will add it.

Chance of Update: 6

Thanks for reading about the “ruled out updates”. Remember, the sneak peeks should start soon, so make sure to check back here for the first and best news and rumors about the April/May update. Clash on!

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