Complete Poison Spell Guide in Clash of Clans

The Poison Spell, lately added in the new July 2015 update! Its a complete game changer, making it much easier to kill Clan Castle troops, than the unreliable Lightning Spell. So lets get into what exactly the Poison Spell is.

What is the Poison Spell?

The Poison Spell is the first of the new Dark Spells, which is used for mainly killing the opposing Clan Castle troops and also occasionally the opposing heroes. It slowly kills them while also decreasing their movement ability. Its much more reliable than the lightning spell, stronger than the lightning spell,and much more efficient than the lightning spell.  

Poison Spell Dark Spell Factory July 2015 Update Clash of Clans    

How to Use the Poison Spell

Surprisingly, the Poison Spell actually has a very big radius, so its unlikely that you will miss the placement. Keep in mind, while it is a better option that a lightning spell, it can’t take out the bigger units. Here are the more popular troops that could be in your CC:

  • Minions
  • Archers
  • Wizards
  • Barbarians
  • Witches

So it can kill the common troops that usually appear in enemy Clan Castles. It definitely will not come close to killing Dragons, Hounds, or Golems.

So anyways, you need to get all the troops crowded together, in the corner of the base or the middle,it doesn’t really matter. The only thing that does matter is that they are TOGETHER! Then drop your spell so it encompasses the entire mass of troops. While it works its magic, don’t place any other troops, or the enemy CC will move out of the Poison Spell. Just let it work, and then resume the rest of your attack.

Poison Spell Dark Spell Factory July 2015 Update Clash of Clans

Poison Spell Strategy

The Poison Spell can be used many ways, from killing the enemy Clan Castle to lowering the health o the opposing heroes. Most people use it to kill the Clan Castle most likely in war raids.

You can either lure it all the way out for a more precise kill or get it just enough to get all of the troops out of the clan castle and then drop the spell.

Poison Spell Dark Spell Factory July 2015 Update Clash of Clans

Spell Composition with the Poison Spell

There are lots of different strategies in the game and all require completely different spell compositions to work successfully. Here are the more popular strategies with the new spell composition with the Poison Spell:

  • GoWiPe:
  • LavaLoonion:
  • Hogs:
  • Barch:
  • Mass Drags

So thank you guys so much for reading this article, I’ll try to get Earthquake and Haste Spells into you guys tomorrow and Wednesday!

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