Complete Earthquake Spell Guide in Clash of Clans

Today, we will cover the Earthquake Spell: the second Dark Spell added in the July 2015 update. I covered the Poison Spell a few days ago, so lets talk about the Earthquake Spell, the strategy behind it, and when to use it!

What is the Earthquake Spell?

The Earthquake Spell, similar to the lightning spell takes away damage from buildings. However, different from the lightning spell, the Earthquake Spell has a radius that it destroys in and it takes away a PERCENTAGE of the health away. So the Earthquake Spell would take away say 8% from both a Town Hall and a Builders Hut.

Clash of Clans Earthquake Spell Dark Spell Factory July 2015 Update

How to Use the Earthquake Spell

The Earthquake Spell has many uses such destroying the last couple buildings to secure the 50%. That is what everyone originally believed it was going to be used for! However, Supercell actually intended the Earthquake Spell for a completely different purpose as well.

The Earthquake Spell deals 4x damage to walls, so similar to a jump spell, it allows you to get by walls. However, it opens a whole section of walls, and it doesn’t expire.

Clash of Clans Earthquake Spell Dark Spell Factory July 2015 Update

Earthquake Spell Strategy

So in the two ways listed already, there isn’t a better one to use. You should differ it based on the strategy that you are using.

Destroying the Last Few Buildings

In this case I would only bring 1 Earthquake Spell, so that you can get down those last few percentage points. Be very alert and try to remember which buildings don’t have a lot of hit points left on them.

Opening Up Walls

This one, I would only recommend if you are using GoWiPe or GoWiWi. The Earthquake Spell allows you to open a HUGE section of walls and your units can storm right in! Its much more efficient than a jump spell, although it does take twice as much space. Remember, it takes 4 Earthquake Spells to open up a section of walls.

Clash of Clans Earthquake Spell Dark Spell Factory July 2015 Update

Spell Composition with the Earthquake Spell

So really, you should only depend on this one if you have GoWiPe or GoWiWi trained. Here’s the spell compositions:

GoWiPe/GoWiWi: 2 Rage Spells, 1 Freeze Spell, 1 Poison Spell, 4 Earthquake Spells

Any Other Strategy: Normal Spells, 1 Earthquake Spell

Clash of Clans Earthquake Spell Dark Spell Factory July 2015 Update

So that’s about it for the Earthquake Spell guide! Sorry for not posting lately, I’ll try to have the Haste Spell Guide out tomorrow!

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    • Two reasons:
      1: It opens a bigger section of walls
      2: That sections stays open for a infinite time vs 20-60 secs for a jump spell


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