Town Hall 11 Upgrade Features EXPLAINED!

In the latest update, many changes were made but the majority were made to the new Town Hall 11! Today, I will be walking you guys through exactly what each of the new additions to the new Town Hall level are and what they do!

Gold and Elixir Storages-

These new storages were added so that Town Hall 11 could be even more expensive! They can hold 2.5 million a piece with a grand total of 10 million overall for both resource. Here’s a glance at both the gold and elixir storages:

Level 12 Elixir Storage

Level 12 Gold Storage

These new levels look similar to the level 11s, yet they have more structure and support to them to look scarier! They’ve gotten bigger and badder!

Level 9 Wizard Towers-

These new level 9 wizard towers are the only thing stopping mass level 3 witch attacks. These bad boys are the first defense besides cannons and archer towers to go beyond level 8. They deal an amazing 56 DPS. It also helps that you get a 5th wizard tower at Town Hall 11. Here’s a look at the new level 9 wizard tower:

Clash of Clans Level 9 Wizard Tower

The new wizard tower has these sweet new marble pillars as well as a new lights near the base of the tower. It has the same basic design as the level 8 wizard tower. The pillars go along with the marble theme of Town Hall 11.

Eagle Artillery-

The Eagle Artillery is the new defense exclusive to Town Hall 11! It shoots out bolts of energy in an absolutely gigantic radius that covers the entire map. However, this new defense doesn’t do much damage; it was nerved heavily before the update. Here’s a glance at what it looks like:

Clash of Clans Eagle Artillery

Once again, this sticks with the marble theme of Town Hall 11 as well as throwing in some gold and lava around the edges. When it fires, it’s head comes off the body!

Grand Warden-

The Grand Warden is the newest hero in the game and only available at the new TH11. Instead of being like the King and the Queen, the Warden works as a support unit, boosting the hit points of all the units within its quite big radius. It has its own ability as well, making every unit in its radius invincible for a short period of time. Here’s a glimpse of the new hero:

Grand Warden Town Hall 11

The Warden wears a sweet purple coat and carries a gold theme with the tip of his staff and collar being that color. He also carries a thick book which makes him seem almost like a wizard hero.

Level 7 Minions-

These were the first of the new level troops at Town Hall 11! It was definitely made to improve balloonion and lavaloonion attacks and make it easier to three star Town Hall 10s. These bad boys are nearly double as good as level 1 minions! Here’s a glance at their look:

Level 7 Minion Town Hall 11

Personally I think they look sweet, sticking with the purple lava theme like the Grand Warden. They have the same wings as lava pups, but that’s what makes them distinctive from the level 6s.

Level 3 Witches-

Last but not least, the notorious level 3 witches. This level caused quite an uproar in the beginning of the update for the seemingly easy way TH11s three starred fellow Town Hall 11s. They are quite OP with a limit of 10 skeletons spawned. They also do 35 DPS, quite high for a unit that is supposed to be for the skeletons. Anyways, here’s a look at the design:

Level 3 Witch TH11

With the new level 3, the witch gets a lot more gold! She has an added gold veil and a gold spiral down her staff. Its a bit tough to distinguish between levels, but if you get three starred, most likely if was by a level 3 witch!

So that is all the new troops/levels/buildings at the new Town Hall 11! Thanks for reading and check back later for more posts!

7 thoughts on “Town Hall 11 Upgrade Features EXPLAINED!

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  2. Level 12 storages only hold 2 million each. But now town halls also hold loot, and a level 11 town hall holds 2 million as well, for a total of 10 million.


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