Personal Break Changes+Winter Update 2015!

Today, there was an “optional” update for Clash of Clans and we all know that means a SEASONAL UPDATE! Obviously, at this time of year that season is Christmas! Keep your eyes out for the new Christmas tree! It is a sleek and shiny gold this year.

Along with adding in a Christmas theme, Clash of Clans also added some small improvements to the game after the Town Hall 11 update. Here’s a list of the changes they made today:

• Fixed a bug in the Personal Break system that could force players into Personal Break even after being offline for a while
• Personal Break online-time limit has been increased from 3 to 4 hours
• Personal Break limit now fully resets when being 15 minutes offline without Shield or Guard (was 30 minutes)
• Personal Break limit extensions increased to 30 minutes (was 15 minutes) after taking a defense without shield or getting kicked out without being attacked
• Free Guard when Shield expires has been increased for all Leagues:
– Titan I / Legend: 4 hours Guard (was 3 hours)
– Titan II: 3 hours Guard (was 2 hours)
– Titan III: 2 hours Guard (was 1 hour)
– Champion (all levels): 1 hour Guard (was 30 minutes)
– Below Champion: 30 minutes Guard (was 15 minutes)
• Clan War matchmaking parameters have been updated for Town Hall 9 through Town Hall 11
• Fixed a bug that could allow exceeding the limit of donated Clan Spells
• Skeleton hitpoints have been slightly decreased
• Grand Warden ground/air mode is now always correctly saved
• X-Mas tree is now spawning

Not much but there are some big takeaways from this!

  1. They nerfed the overpowered level 3 witch
  2. They fixed the personal break glitch, play for longer!
  3. New Christmas theme is in effect

These changes needed to happen as they were destroying the game! Glad I could share with you guys, look for a ton of posts coming in the next 2 weeks!

7 thoughts on “Personal Break Changes+Winter Update 2015!

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  2. There was a glitch that when I viewed my main account’s base from my second one, the gem box that was supposed to be on one of the sides appeared to be a X-mas tree.


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