New Town Hall 11 Upgrade Levels in 2015 Update!

The New Town Hall 11 upgrade levels are finally here! Included in them are new level 9 wizard towers, new level 12 storages, a new level 9 laboratory, and also changes to Town Hall 11 itself!

Level 9 Wizard Towers

New Level 9 Wizard Tower Clash of Clans

There is the new look for the level 9 wizard towers. Personally, I think Clash of Clans did a stupendous job on these, staying with the theme of dark purple but also adding the white marble TH11 is based on. Beware barch users!

Level 12 Gold and Elixir Storages

New Level 12 Gold Storage Clash of Clans

New Level 12 Elixir Storage Clash of Clans

Once again, I think Clash of Clans was spot on in designing these new storages. In the past updates, whenever new levels are added, it is a completely new design. Now, there are subtle but good changes that make the buildings look stronger! The rock base on both of the storages hammers home the TH11 theme.

Level 9 Laboratory

New Level 9 Laboratory Clash of Clans

Yet another perfect job by the Clash of Clans development team! The marble stone matches Town Hall 11 really well. The only question now is what troops will be unlocked in it? Personally I think we will be seeing level 8 barch, level 6 golems and hogs, and level 7 balloons and minions.

New Town Hall 11

New Town Hall 11 Clash of Clans

So Clash of Clans changed Town Hall 11 a bit based upon user feedback. There is more red instead of white now and it glows slightly more. They also took away the “11” on the front and replaced it by what looks like 3 spears. I personally think it looks better and most of the Clash community agrees. What do you think? Here’s a picture of the old TH11-

Town Hall 11 CONFIRMED Clash of Clans

Thanks a ton for reading guys! Make sure to check back here tomorrow to catch Tuesday’s sneak peek which is promised to be even BETTER than today’s! Can’t wait to see what else Town Hall 11 has in store for changing the game and what troop levels are unlocked!


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