How to Counter Every Legendary Card in Clash Royale

How do you counter every legendary in Clash Royale for the same elixir or less? I’m here to show you guys how to beat every single legendary from sparky to the lava hound to the miner. Lets go ahead and get started countering these legendaries in Clash Royale! Ill be listing the 5 best cards to counter each card, ranked from 1 to 5.

How to Counter Princess

The princess is one of the lowest HP cards in Clash Royale and can be cheap to take out. However, you don’t want to place spam units against her, as she will snipe them down! Also, don’t waste elixir using the poison spell or fireball against her.

  1. Log
  2. Arrows
  3. Miner
  4. Knight
  5. Guards

Clash Royale Legendary Card Princess

How to Counter Ice Wizard

Like the princes, the ice wizard can also do splash damage, so you need to be careful what you play against him. Generally, the best play is going to be a strong, tough unit.

  1. Guards
  2. Knight
  3. Mega Minion
  4. Miner
  5. Bomber

Clash Royale Legendary Card Ice Wizard

How to Counter Lumberjack

The lumberjack is a quick little devil with one hit at a time abilities, so unlike the last two legendaries, you want to counter the lumberjack with spam units to take him out quickly!

  1. Guards
  2. Skeleton Army
  3. Goblins+Skeletons
  4. Minions
  5. Mega Minion

Clash Royale Legendary Card Lumberjack

How to Counter Log

You literally CANNOT counter the log.

Clash Royale Legendary Card Log

How to Counter Sparky

Sparky is honestly one of the most dangerous cards in Clash Royale and you need to be careful what you play or it can blow everything apart. Always surround sparky with whatever units you play, don’t play them in front!

  1. Tombstone
  2. Witch
  3. Minion Horde
  4. Zap+Goblins+Spear Goblins
  5. Skeleton Army

Clash Royale Legendary Card Sparky

How to Counter Lava Hound

The lava hound has a great deal of health, but isn’t really dangerous until it bursts. After that, tons of lava pups come out, which can do massive damage if left unchecked.

  1. Inferno Tower+Zap
  2. Minion Horde
  3. Minions+Mega Minion
  4. Spear Goblins+Musketeer
  5. Wizard+Spear Goblins

Clash Royale Legendary Card Lava Hound

How to Counter Miner

The miner is one of the neatest cards in Clash Royale, but is pretty easy to counter as long as you know the strategy behind it. The miner needs to be predicted placement and then countered similarly to the lumberjack.

  1. Guards
  2. Minions
  3. Goblins+Skeletons
  4. Spear Goblins+Skeletons
  5. Archers

Clash Royale Legendary Card Miner

So that is all I’ve got on countering all the legendaries in Clash Royale as of September 2016! The inferno dragon and graveyard spell will be released soon and should shake up this game a lot. Ill see you guys soon with more Clash Royale content soon as long as you keep reading it!

8 thoughts on “How to Counter Every Legendary Card in Clash Royale

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  2. I saw your post and was going to immediately comment: You cannot counter the log.
    However, I’ll say instead: You cannot counter the legendaries that they did not add yet.


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