2019 Brawler Power Rankings for Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars went global last month, which means we finally get to see a meta in which every brawler is used worldwide. Which is the best brawler in Brawl Stars and which is the worst? Here are the brawler power rankings in Brawl Stars for 2019!

Brawl Stars Brawler Power Rankings 2019

Brawler Power Rankings for 2019

#22- Bull

Bull Brawl Stars

While some players prefer to play with Bull as their main tank, in my experience with Bull, I have found him to be almost absolutely unplayable, dealing nearly 0 damage with his shotgun. If you can get close with Bull, you can usually do alright, but if you do end up close, you’ll wish you were playing with El Primo instead.

#21- Bo

Bo Brawl Stars

Once upon a time, Bo was my favorite brawler to play with, but currently, he is way too weak to actually be viable in all game modes. His special, at one time one of the best specials in Brawl Stars, now barely deals enough damage to take out half of a weak brawler. There are too many better long range options out there for Bo to be at the top of the meta.

#20- Brock

Brock Brawl Stars

Similarly to Bo, there are a lot of better alternatives to Brock which can reliably get damage. It is really tough to connect on a shot with Brock, though his special ability can be used well in certain circumstances. I really think that Brock needs a wider range with his missiles doing less damage, otherwise he will stay at the bottom.

#19- Piper

Piper Brawl Stars

Yet another super long range brawler at the bottom of the power rankings… see a trend? Piper is one of the highest damage dealers in Brawl Stars, yet it is near impossible to take advantage of that damage. The maps created recently have been skewed towards shorter range units since these maps have so many walls.

#18- Penny

Penny Brawl Stars

One of the newer brawlers in the game, Penny is yet another super long range unit that cannot excel fully right now based on the maps in Brawl Stars. However, her super ability is one of the better ones in the game, and with the maps with many walls, the mortar is able to be protected and can shut down a number of brawlers.

#17- Frank

Frank Brawl Stars

Frank is actually a very strong brawler, especially in Showdown, but the issue here is that there are other strong brawlers in Brawl Stars right now. Frank’s special is great, allowing you to knock down basically anything close. His normal attack is slacking a little bit though, with El Primo being more effective at a close range.

#16- Jessie

Jessie Brawl Stars

I think that we can all agree that Jessie’s special turret is one of the most annoying supers in Brawl Stars, but that is what makes Jessie so great. There’s no doubt that her normal attack is absolute garbage, but the special really does make up for the fact. She can be a great brawler to pair in behind a few tanks to dominate.

#15- Darryl

Darryl Brawl StarsJust like Bull, the special ability that allows you to roll with no control really doesn’t even help your gameplay, but actually even hurts it. However, Darryl is one of the better tanks in Brawl Stars, with a great attack that can hit a wide range of units. If his special was a little bit better, Darryl could be one of the best brawlers in Brawl Stars.

#14- Ricochet

Ricochet Brawl Stars

There was a time when Ricochet would have been at the peak of these power rankings, but he still ends up doing pretty well. His ricocheting volley allows you to hit enemy brawlers that are hiding behind walls. The special from Ricochet only extends this ability, making it nearly impossible to hit from this brawler.

#13- Colt

Colt Brawl Stars

Personally, I don’t like playing with Colt whatsoever, but there is no denying that Colt has some style. If you can predict where your opponent will be, Colt can laser them down. However, it can be kind of hard to get Colt to lock onto an enemy brawler since he does only shoot in a straight line. Practice makes perfect with Colt.

#12- Tara

Tara Brawl Stars

I have never unlocked Tara, but I feel fear when she throws her special to suck in myself and my teammates. While there are better alternatives to Tara without a doubt, there is no team players quite like Tara. Tara can suck everyone together, which, when paired with Dynamike or Barley, can kill an entire squad.

#11- Poco

Poco Brawl Stars

In Brawl Stars, I really like healing brawlers, which is why I am a big fan of Poco. With such a wide range, it seems as if Poco can touch almost the entire field. Because it is so easy for him to deal damage, though not a lot, he can quickly charge up his special, leading for nearly constant healing for himself and nearby teammates.

#10- El Primo

El Primo Brawl Stars

I’m a huge fan of El Primo as the original brawler tank in Brawl Stars. Sometimes it can be frustrating not being able to reach enemy brawlers from far away, but the health that El Primo brings to the table is unbeatable. I think that his super ability does need a bit of work, but we don’t want to do too much to make El Primo OP again.

#9- Dynamike

Dynamike Brawl Stars

Mostly considered the weaker option to Barley, Dynamike is a great brawler in his own right. While Barley is undeniably the better brawler, Dynamike is no slouch either, throwing his bombs well enough to be a great crowd control brawler. I think that in order to really compete with Barley, his bombs need to do more damage.

#8- Shelly

Shelly Brawl Stars

This is the original brawler, the one first unlocked, and also, one of the best brawlers in Brawl Stars. Shelly can be great at either close range or long range, which is one of the reasons that she is so great in the game. I think it is great that Shelly remains a decent choice and the legendary brawlers don’t take over the game.

#7- Spike

Spike Brawl Stars

The lowest ranked of our legendary brawlers is Spike, who is basically a sure fire way to get damage, but really has to rely on other brawlers in order to succeed. His special ability does this perfectly, trapping everyone together while dealing damage to everyone at the same time.

#6- Mortis

Mortis Brawl Stars

There is simply no brawler like Mortis which is part of the reason why he is nearly in the top 5 brawlers in the game. His attack can literally take out any brawler in the matter of seconds. His special isn’t quite as good as other brawlers, but his unique attack and speed makes him almost unbeatable.

#5- Nita

Nita Brawl Stars

I absolutely despise going up against Nita and that is for good reason. The bear that she can spawn can occupy opponents for some time, which gives your team more time to score in Brawl Ball or collect more gems in Gem Grab. Her normal attack isn’t terrible either, being able to deal decent damage at a mid-range level.

#4- Crow

Crow Brawl Stars

While Crow’s super isn’t enough to take down any brawlers, he can deal damage to an entire team, depending on how you use it. Being a legendary brawler Crow has to be good, but his attack covers a wide range and can really chip down brawlers over time. If you are lucky enough to unlock Crow, you should be using him!

#3- Pam

Pam Brawl Stars

With Pam being the only other brawler that has healing capabilities in Brawl Stars, she is invaluable to the team. She’s even better than Poco too, since her healing station could be permanent while Poco’s is a one-time move. Also, with the range on the healing station, your teammates could camp around the gem provider to the win.

#2- Barley

Barley Brawl Stars

Love him or hate him, there is no way you can’t say Barley is one of the best brawlers in Brawl Stars. The constant splash of his Molotov cocktails make it difficult to move as an enemy brawler and really work well for crowd control. His special is also absolutely amazing, shutting down everything is a huge radius.

#1- Leon

Leon Brawl Stars

The newest released brawler is also the best, with Leon taking the top spot in the power rankings to start 2019. His invisibility is arguably the best special ability in Brawl Stars and his normal attack is a quality way to kill tanks up close and long ranged units from a distance. I think there is a nerf coming to Leon soon.

So that wraps it up for our first power rankings in Brawl Stars since it went global. I’m really loving the game, and I hope that you guys are as well. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about our rankings in Brawl Stars!

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53 thoughts on “2019 Brawler Power Rankings for Brawl Stars

  1. i know that these are older ranking but why is piper higher than brock? brock is better close range than piper


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  3. There was a time where all the tanks were really bad in the meta, they just can’t get close enough to truly deal insane damage and they get countered too easily

    Now, I think how they’re doing in this meta are noticeably different: Pam is definitely the best brawler now, with Darryl also on the stronger side of all brawlers despite his super auto reacharge nerf, Bull is probably also on the stronger side, as it’s noticeable that he lowered El Primo’s usage rate, outshining him in most situations, Frank is also decent even though he’s a bit too easy to stop. Carl is just not good though


  4. Sure, I hate brawlers that ruins the meta when 1st came out like Leon, But Carl, seriously? He’s too underwhelming without his star power, I definitely think he desperately needed a lot of buffs

    I wish most of the new brawlers will be like Gene, a bit underwhelming when first came out (but not too underwhelming), but giving him constant buffs that make him strong, but not OP (I think Gene is really good now but nowhere near broken)


  5. I still hate Leon with a burning passion, I don’t think he’ll ever leave the spot as my least favourite brawler………


  6. Kinda feel like Colt needs a buff, he’s just not that useful because Brock and Rico outclassed him in pretty much everything

    And quite frankly, even with his remodel Colt is just nowhere as cool as Brock


  7. My new rank

    23. Shelly
    22. Piper
    21. Dynamike
    20. Colt
    19. Crow
    18. Bo
    17. Frank
    16. Penny
    15. Tara
    14. Poco
    13. Gene
    12. Bull
    11. El Primo
    10. Mortis
    9. Barley
    8. Darryl
    7. Brock
    6. Rico
    5. Leon
    4. Jessie
    3. Nita
    2. Spike
    1. Pam


  8. Last week, I got the newest brawler Gene, and I think he’s a bit underpowered, BUT I’m happy he’s a bit underwhelming because he won’t ruin the meta and supercell can slowly buff him, unlike Leon who literally ruin the meta (in fact I still HATE Leon with a burning passion right now)


  9. My brawler rankings based on how much I liked them

    20. Leon (I absolutely HATE facing against him even though I’m fine with using him)
    19. Dynamike
    18. Bull
    17. Shelly
    16. Colt
    15. Bo
    14. Tara
    13. Rico
    12. Jessie
    11. Brock
    10. Barley
    9. El Primo
    8. Crow
    7. Piper (despite being the fact she’s the worst brawler……)
    6. Frank (Fun to play because of his super)
    5. Penny (Fun to play, love pressuring the enemy with the mortar)
    4. Nita (her bear is so valuable)
    3. Poco (I’m a huge fan of healers)
    2. Pam (I’m a huge fan of healers)
    1. Darryl (he’s just OP and he’s so fun to play)

    Not including Mortis and Spike as I don’t have them


  10. My top 10 best brawlers and 5 worst brawlers right now


    5. Shelly (not really good in all game modes except Showdown and Brawl Ball)
    4. Dynamike (overshadowed by Barley severely)
    3. Mortis (definitely better than before but still too hard to use)
    2. Crow (not actually bad but too low damage and HP)
    1. Piper (only good in bounty,cbad at everything else except some gem grab and Showdown maps)


    10. Barley (his stats got buffed but his super really seemed heavily nerfed)
    9. El Primo (a lot better than before)
    8. Tara (the super is too powerful even though her base stats are one of the worst)
    7. Darryl (a lot easier to use in all game modes after his buff)
    6. Jessie (offers lots of versatility in most game modes)
    5. Brock (offers so much versatility in all game modes)
    4. Nita (the bear is too valuable)
    3. Leon (still OP, but a bit more manageable)
    2. Spike (still OP)
    1. Pam (stats are way too high)


    • Totally agree with your top 5 OP brawlers, but I also think Barley should be up there a bit more.

      I think Crow is decent, but he definitely should be more powerful as a legendary brawler. I also think Dynamike is actually a top 10 brawler and might even be better than Barley.

      I think I might do quarterly rankings, sort of like how I do the Clash Royale ones, so stay tuned in April!


  11. I’ve got some bad news for you……

    Barley’s star power, main attack damage and super damage are all getting BUFFED. Though his super’s mechanic is getting a bit of an interesting change


    • I’m actually in shock barley is getting a buff. I’m happy for when I’m playing as him, but against him is going to be a nightmare


      • Edit: his super’s damage won’t stack and his super at close range will be much wider, meaning his damage at close distance will be MUCH lower


  12. Back then, I was so bad at using Barley that I think he’s one of the worst brawlers, HOW WRONG WAS I!!! Once I learn how to use him, I think he’s in a really great spot!


      • Eh I don’t think so, he’s just so versatile overall after Dynamike fall off the meta a bit (Dynamike totally outclassed Barley between the Crow meta and the Poco meta so it’s nice to see Barley getting some love right now)


  13. Believe it or not, before the last balance change Penny was one of the BEST brawlers in the game, but the recent nerf just hit her real hard


  14. You actually is very skilled, believe it or not, lots of people considered Mortis BOTTOM 5 because he’s way too hard to use, but skilled players can really dominate with him


  15. Wow, we have completely different opinions! Here’s my list

    22. Bo
    21. Piper
    20. Colt
    19. Ricochet
    18. Crow
    17. Frank
    16. Mortis
    15. Penny
    14. Bull
    13. Dynamike
    12. Poco
    11. Shelly
    10. El Primo
    9. Darryl
    8. Tara
    7. Barley
    6. Jessie
    5. Brock
    4. Nita
    3. Pam
    2. Spike
    1. Leon


    • I feel like in Brawl Stars its a lot harder to have a set ranking, since every game mode and map changes how a brawler performs. In Clash Royale since you’re playing the same game over and over, the rankings are pretty much agreed upon.

      Anyway, looking back on it, I do think I put Crow too high, and he should definitely not be above Spike. These rankings are so fluid they’ll probably change in a week hahah


      • True, Brock requires a lot of predictions to aim, but once it hit a target it really hurts, besides, in my experience, Brock does require some skill BUT he’s still a great option on all modes, not to mention, he can also be extremely deadly at close range.

        He’s a great option in wide open maps


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