Clash Royale Legendary Card Rankings

Legendary cards are some of the best in Clash Royale and today we are going to rank the best legendary cards in Clash Royale 1-10! I’ve done this post before where there were only 5 legendary cards which you can view here. Lets start the new 2017 ranking!

Clash Royale Ranking the Legendary Cards

How the Legendary Cards are Ranked

When ranking these cards we put a lot of thought and effort into what makes the best legendary card the best. We are considering a variety of different ways to rank which are order in importance as follows:

  1. Versatility
  2. Cost/Damage Ratio (is the card worth it?)
  3. Strength on defense and offense

So now that you know what we are judging on, lets go ahead and get into the rankings, starting with number 10!

Legendary Card Rankings

#10- Sparky

Clash Royale Legendary Card Sparky

Coming in at the bottom is sparky. Unfortunately, no one above around 3,000 trophies can actually use sparky as there are just way too many effective counters to it. With the zap reset, it is just way too easy to put down basically any troop to counter sparky once it gets reset. Lots of players rocket down sparky as it goes by the arena tower. A 6 elixir cost also makes sparky too costly of a card to risk playing.

Despite all these counters, sparky is still very viable in Frozen Peak and below. Since players don’t have much experience playing it, you are able to get it to hit an arena tower quite often.

Popular Decks with Sparky: Giant-Sparky, Royal Giant-Sparky

#9- Lumberjack

Clash Royale Legendary Card Lumberjack

Along with sparky, the lumberjack is just too easily countered to be an effective legendary card. A quick skeleton army can render him useless and he lacks the hit damage to take out relatively tanky units. The mini-P.E.K.K.A. is often a more popular card than the lumberjack despite the rage the lumberjack brings.

However, if you are able to use the lumberjack effectively, then the rage it leaves behind can be quite devastating. Pair a lumberjack with the minion horde or another huge damage dealing unit and it can annihilate a tower.

Popular Decks with the Lumberjack: Giant-Lumberjack, Golem-Three Musketeers

#8- Inferno Dragon

Clash Royale Inferno Dragon Legendary Card

When the inferno dragon was first released, I certainly expected it to be completely OP. However, the inferno dragon was quickly realized to be extremely weak and take forever to heat up to full damage dealing capacity. I mean, SPEAR GOBLINS are able to take out the inferno dragon. A health boost could put the inferno dragon right at the top of the meta.

All that being said, the inferno dragon can be quite formidable if it manages to lock on your tower. Similar to sparky, the inferno dragon forces you to make a play or risk losing your tower. If you can pop it behind a lava hound, you can take out support units and hopefully get it to lock on the arena tower.

Popular Decks with the Inferno Dragon: LavaLoonion, Miner-Inferno Dragon

#7- Ice Wizard

Clash Royale Legendary Card Ice Wizard

One of the two original legendaries, the ice wizard has maintained his place at the top of the defensive cards rank. Since he has the slowing effect, along with doing damage he is one of the best counters for the hog and royal giant. Paired with these two troops on offense, the ice wizard can make sure that they can get a couple hits off on the tower.

However, the ice wizard now has problems killing skeletons if they are a bit overleveled which is a huge disadvantage to its gameplay. Also it doesn’t do much damage, allowing minions to easily take him out.

Popular Decks with the Ice Wizard: Hog Cycle, Royal Giant-Furnace

#6- Princess

Clash Royale Legendary Card Princess

Just like the ice wizard, the princess was one of the original legendaries back in the day. She has remained strong, being the only card that can three crown by itself. The princess can also fit in almost any deck, since she costs on 3 elixir can deal splash damage all around. She is also great at getting a bit of chip damage onto your opponents tower.

With the introduction and rise of the log, the princess took a big hit in usage rate. Before the log became popular, there was little debate that she was the best legendary in Clash Royale. Now though, with a quick and cheaper counter, she has fallen a bit in the rankings.

Popular Decks with the Princess: “Payfecta”, Hog Cycle, Zap Bait

#5- Lava Hound

Clash Royale Legendary Card Lava Hound

Being one of the tankiest cards in Clash Royale, the lava hound is definitely popular, especially among fans of air. Add the lava hound’s insane health to the damage dealing capacity of the lava pups and you have a tank much stronger than the giant or golem. With more and more air troops being added into the game, the lava hound is definitely on the rise.

Since the lava hound is such a great tank, it comes at a price. Playing a 7 elixir card will always leave you open to a quick attack and it often happens when playing the LavaLoonion deck. Combine that with the lava hound’s low DPS and when played incorrectly, you can easily forfeit an elixir advantage.

Popular Decks with the Lava Hound: LavaLoonion, Lava Hound-Miner

#4- Electro Wizard

Clash Royale Electro Wizard Legendary Card

The electro wizard is the newest legendary within Clash Royale and has quickly rose to prominence within the game. Since the latest balance change, when it can’t be fireballed down anymore, the electro wizard has become a great option to use with a giant or golem due to the inferno tower reset. Also, with the electro wizard, you literally can’t be beat by sparky. Of the 3 wizards, the electro wizard definitely has to be the best.

The electro wizard shoots 2 targets at a time which leaves it really vulnerable to spam or single units. When the electro wizard isn’t behind a tank, anything from a knight to a skeleton army is able to easily take him out.

Popular Decks with the Electro Wizard: Giant-Executioner, Hog Cycle

#3- Miner

Clash Royale Legendary Card Miner

Personally, the miner is my favorite legendary to use and in gameplay ideals. For 3 elixir, you can get a solid tank straight on your opponents side of the map, making it possible to take out a tower with only 5 elixir. The miner is the best counter in Clash Royale for elixir collectors, counter 6 elixir for just 3. The miner can also distract the tower from when a lava hound pops, doing immeasurable damage to that arena tower.

If misplayed, the miner can be a huge mistake and a waste of 3 elixir. Also, without any support units, the miner does practically no damage to the tower. Lastly, if your opponent catches on to your miner play, they might throw down units to counter it before it pops up.

Popular Decks with the Miner: Miner Control, Zap Bait, “Payfecta”, Lava Hound-Miner

#2- Log

Clash Royale Legendary Card Log

Long live the log! Once considered the absolute worst legendary and a joke of a card, the log has made the transition to one of the best in game due to numerous buffs. A quick counter to the princess, the log deals 100 damage to the tower at level 1. The log can also push back any unit, including the golem and P.E.K.K.A., meaning that you can delay huge pushes for only 2 elixir. The log is also super versatile, fitting into literally ANY deck.

Not many bad things to say about the log, except that it doesn’t do much damage to an arena tower. The zap can also be a better card than the log sometimes, due to the log’s lack of ability to hit air troops.

Popular Decks with the Log: Hog Cycle, Zap Bait, Giant Executioner

#1- Graveyard

Clash Royale Graveyard Legendary Card

Finally, we have the number one legendary card in Clash Royale, the graveyard! With only an ice golem to tank, the graveyard can do INSANE damage to a tower. Basically spawning a skeleton army on the tower with delay, which only makes it better. The graveyard pairs extremely well with giant or miner making sure that the tower focuses in on the tank instead of the skeletons.

While it is a strong card, the graveyard isn’t versatile. You basically have to base a deck around it if you want to use it. Also, the graveyard has several hard counters like archers and minions which means you have to bring fireball to succeed.

Popular Decks with Graveyard: Graveyard-Freeze, Giant-Graveyard, Miner-Graveyard

So that does it for our legendary card rankings! Tell us what you think in the comments below. Come back soon for even more Clash Royale content in the future!

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33 thoughts on “Clash Royale Legendary Card Rankings

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  2. Well to be honest, I don’t really think the log was always a great card as I always got fooled when using a prediction log, for example, I used a prince, then he used a skeleton army to stop him so at the 2nd time, I used prince and immediately dropped the log when he charged but this time he used ELITE BARBARIANS instead, same goes for hog rider


  3. I think princess is #2 because it’s Op because of its range and damage I’ve won so many game because of princess


  4. Well the legendary in 9th (LJ) is responsible to create the legendary in 2nd (that dang Log!), which might sound weird because how could a created wood better than it’s creator? Despite buffs. Still, thanks for that legendary (LJ) to create the 2nd best legendary (that dang log).


  5. I’d rank as:
    11 inferno dragon, too weak, slow, weird that it’s even fragile than baby dragon, underpowered
    10 sparky, sparky isn’t THAT horrible, at least she get to splash, and deal a ton of damage, unfortunately 1200 hp is too fragile for a 6 elixir tank, rocket can destroy it
    9 bandit, expected her to be op, but no, she’s not powerful, but this is no doubt the funniest legendary, especially dashing, not even affected by pushback with log, and it’ll be a bad day for sparky and inferno as she won’t get hit and their attack will be wasted
    8 Ice wiz, once the most powerful legendary had fallen due to e-Wiz, and need a damage buff like witch to allow it 1 shot skeletons
    7 lumberjack, Along with miner lumberjack is my personal favourite legendary, but I rank him 7th due to his usage is not that high, I used him with miner but the weakness is big guys like knight and elite barbs (just zap skeleton army or goblin gang, and burn minions with princess), it is powerful, and hopefully see a great increase in the future
    6 princess, also one of my favourite legendary, unfortunately due to the log rose popularity it falls to 6th in my opinion, I still use her, but it’s still a bit easy to counter
    5 electro wizard, honestly I think he’s overrated , at first it’ll fall to the 8th due to being too weak to survive a fireball, which was everywhere. When he had his health buff he’s great but lightning is still ruling the meta, so I think it’s not the best , but it’s high
    4 lava hound
    I was mad that StlcardinalFan rank him 3rd out of the old legendary ranking, but when balloon rose the meta, I totally agree he deserve 4th in the new legendary ranking, he’s tanky and powerful, dealing more than 800 damage before splitting into pups! Powerful, need a bit nerf
    3 Log, surprised to see log 3rd? Not as high, but log’s down hand is the inability to hit air, but it’s great stopping a lot, log wasn’t the best spell overall, cause fireball and zap is better, but it definitely deserve the 4th best spell
    2 graveyard, surprise to see log only the 4th best spell, not 3rd!? But you must’ve forgot graveyard was a spell, and probably the 2nd to best, skeleton army was great most of the time , but graveyard is better sometimes, which do you prefer? I prefer both
    1 Miner
    My favourite legendary! Miner serve a lot as a surprise attack! (Miner+lumberjack, Miner+ princess, Miner+ lava pups, miner+ graveyard) teamed with other legendary, better than knight overall, which is very popular


  6. Lumberjack is op , he is a main support and his rage, bringing hog rider, ice golem and zap and its done, beside being easy to counter his rage is a main advantage, lumberjack can bring a splash unit to support to, so in my opinion he’s the best legendary


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