Clash Royale- Ranking the Legendary Cards

And finally, we get to the rankings of the 5 legendary cards in Clash Royale. There is only 5, and honestly, the order could be so many different ways besides the one I have. So let me know what you think of these rankings in the comments below!

Clash Royale Best Legendary Cards

  1. Princess- Did anyone expect differently? It is very hard to argue against the princess in the #1 spot. The princess costs a very cheap 3 elixir a provides a range of half the map when she shoots. The princess is easily able to take out any cheap troops (minion horde and goblins) from far away. She is also wonderful and eliminating defenses from safely across the map. Her one flaw is that she takes forever to shoot, allowing her to be countered easily when at the river.
  2. Sparky- In my opinion, nothing else could go here except sparky. Sparky is extremely OP from basically 2200-2300 and below, simply because players don’t know how to counter it. It deals insane splash damage, but it refrains from shooting air troops which is a significant disadvantage. Sparky is still a great card overall though, just don’t depend on it being the only troop to take down a tower with.
  3. Lava Hound- The battle for third was a real fight between the lava hound and the ice wizard, but ultimately I had to choose the lava hound. The hound gives you a great tank, which a balloon can flourish behind. It is the one legendary I have trouble dealing with, simply because you need minion horde or an inferno tower to counter quickly. The lava pups that come out of it when destroyed also add to its overall value.
  4. Ice Wizard- The other original legendary, the ice wizard, slides in the 4th spot. The ice it shoots actually works great, especially when placed behind a royal giant or giant. However, it proves just way too easily countable when it crosses the river. Barbarians or another similar troop will take the ice wizard out with practically no damage. Its main pro is that it only costs 3 elixir, making it a good quick drop defensive troop.
  5. Miner- And last, but not least comes the miner. The miner would rank high on almost every other ranking, but compared to the other legendaries, it just isn’t powerful enough. The miner does only cost 3 elixir, but it does minimal damage to an opponent’s tower. It does have relatively high health, but not nearly enough health to be a good tank while you pushed weak troops to the tower. I think miner should be buffed just a little bit.

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13 thoughts on “Clash Royale- Ranking the Legendary Cards

  1. Miner was always the one of the most used card, since released! Why’d you say it wasn’t powerful enough? I mean lava hound wasn’t even in the meta yet


  2. Except lava hound and miner, How the mighty fallen……….. princess sparky and ice wiz is considered as one of the best legendary, but now they were nerf or got killed by the meta, miner was just a unintentional fix while lava hound never got a nerf


  3. Compare to the new list, the new former legendary list

    Princess: top end – 3rd
    Sparky: 2nd – dead last
    Lava hound: 3rd – 2nd
    Ice wiz: 4th /
    Miner: dead last- top end


  4. I disagree on the sparky, cuz people know. And if you do, counters to it are in EVERY deck – zap, ice spirit, inferno, guards, dark prince, skeletons, goblins, spear goblins, freeze, inferno, any air card which attacks troops too, see


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