How to Get a Level 10 Clan Chest

The recent addition of clan chests into Clash Royale has made getting cards much easier, especially if you are able to get a level 10 clan chest within the one week period. Today, I’ll be showing you guys how to get this level 10 clan chest and some strategies you can have for getting the most cards out of your Clash Royale clan chest.

Three Crown Decks

If you really want to push for the level 10 chest for your clan, then the way to do it is to go for three crowns, not for one crown wins. With these three crown overwhelm decks, it’s ok to lose 1 or even 2 towers because once double elixir starts you will begin a massive, overwhelming push. Here are some good decks for 3 crowning.

Clash Royale Golem Three Crown Deck

This golem deck makes it easy to build up a massive push towards the end of the game, securing three crowns toward your clan chest. Here’s another great three crown deck if you don’t enjoy using the golem.

Clash Royale Giant Three Crown Deck

So by having a great three crown deck, you will be able to earn the maximum amount of crowns towards your clan chest. Along with having you earn crowns, you also need to rely on your clan mates for some as well…

Having a Full Clan

Having a full clan with 50 members will help you quite a lot, so that averaged out all the member don’t have to win as many crowns. Having a 50 members in your clan will go a long ways towards helping you gain all the crowns you need in order to get a level 10 chest.

Clash Royale Level 10 Clan Chest

Dividing Up the Crowns

Everyone in the clan doing some work towards the clan chest is extremely important. Here’s a neat chart of how many crowns you need to get each level chest.

Clash Royale Crowns Clan Chest

So to best get the level 10 clan chest with 3,250 crowns, divided up, it means that each clan member should aim for 65 crowns if you have 50 members in your clan. This is the best way to divide up the crowns so that everyone has to put in a lot of work in order to succeed.

Clash Royale How to Get a Level 10 Clan Chest

Thanks for reading this article! I apologize for the lack of recent articles; I’ve have been both sick and on vacation. We will try to ramp up the guides coming soon! Once again thanks for reading and come back soon for more Clash Royale content.

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