3 Day Clan Chest vs. 1 Week Clan Chest

The clan chest was added in the December 2016 update in Clash Royale, adding in a new way to get cards and gold that the whole clan could contribute to. At the time of release, the clan chest lasted an entire week, but it only lasts for 3 days now. In today’s article, I’ll be explaining why the clan chest should and must go back to the 1 week cycle!

Clash Royale Clan Chest 1 Week 3 Days

Differences Between 3 Day and 1 Week

Since the time to get the chest is completely different, all the stats about the two clan chests are different as well. This is just a quick overview about the difference between the two chests statistics and rewards! Here’s a quick chart showing your the differences.

Clash Royale Clan Chest Statistics

So despite the 3 day chest being much less than half the time of the week chest, you need half the crowns to get half the rewards. This clan chest is much more forceful than the 7 week one which starts my argument for why Clash Royale should go back to the 7 day chest in their next update!

Why 1 Week is Better for Clash Royale

Longer Period- The longer period of time for this chest makes it not as hard to get as many chests over the time. With the 3 day chest, you have to constantly push for 3 days in order to hit your quota for the chest.

For a week long chest, you can not battle so much on one day and then make it up on the next if you have more time. Making the chest a longer period allows for more flexibility with players not feeling as they NEED to play!

Clash Royale Clan Chest Rewards

The Weekend- Currently, the clan chest takes place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The biggest thing here is that you cannot battle for your clan chest on the weekend. Basically every player has work or school on the weekday, making it a struggle to attack during these three days.

However, if it was on the weekend, players could go a lot harder then and actually have time to attack to get crowns. Having the clan chest take place on the weekday is just overwhelming.

Clash Royale Clan Chest

Lower Crown Ratio- Now it is time for a little bit of math. Each player needs to get 32 crowns for the 3 day chest, averaging out to 9.666 crowns a day. For the 1 week chest, each player needs to get 9.28 crowns a day.

While it might not seem like a lot, this gap DOES add up. Basically you have another day in the weeklong chest to double your crowns. The 3 day chest should only take about 1,400 crowns instead of 1,600 to hit the proper ratio.

Clash Royale Clan Chest Rewards

More Relaxed- All in all, the 1 week chest is much more relaxed. If your clan is a bit behind in the chest, you have plenty of time to catch up over a week’s time.

However, if you have 3 days, trying to catch up is crazy extreme. The whole clan gets stressed and honestly, it just isn’t as much fun to play Clash Royale.

Clash Royale New Clan Chest

Thanks for reading about this debate between the 3 day and 1 week clan chest. Tell me what you think: 3 day or 1 week?

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