Builder’s Base BH3 Upgrade Order and Priority

What should you upgrade first at Builder Hall 3 in Builder’s Base in Clash of Clans? This is the upgrade order and priority for all buildings that you can unlock and upgrade at BH3, ensuring that you start strong at BH3 and end well going into Builder Hall 4! This will be divided into gold defensive structures and elixir troops!

Builder Hall 3 BH3 Upgrade Order Priority Clash of Clans

BH3 Upgrade Order and Priority

Gold Upgrades

1. Buy all New Defenses and Traps: The most important thing to do once you get any new BH or TH is to buy everything new that you can to get a working base running!

2. Elixir Collector to 3: In Builder’s Base, the elixir collector and gold mine are super important because it’s so hard to get resources due to the loot cap. Get this up ASAP.

3. Elixir Storage to 2: For the few times you can attack for resources, you want to be able to actually hold the resources you get. This means getting an elixir storage and upgrading it to 2.

4. Archer Tower to 3Out of all the defenses in Builder’s Base, I think that the archer tower is the best one because it can shoot air and ground and has a DEEP range.

5. Firecrackers to 3: You’ll need these in order to keep back the repeated attacks by mass beta minions that is extremely popular against new BH3s.

6. Double Cannon to 3: The double cannon does the most damage at this stage in the game so upgrading it is essential for taking down boxer giants and raged barbarians.

7. Hidden Tesla to 3: At Builder Hall 3, the tesla is one of the three buildings that can shoot beta minions. Upgrade this so you don’t get overrun by mass minions!

8. Cannons to 3: Of the different defenses unlocked at BH3, the cannon is probably the worst. That’s why you should save it to the end of the defensive buildings to upgrade.

9. Walls to 2: Finally, you can begin to work on walls, but a slight damage increase isn’t going to do a lot for you. They are relatively cheap so you can burn some gold on these without wasting the builder.

10. Mines to 2+3: Personally, I think that mines are the best trap in Clash of Clans Builder Base, so you should upgrade these before your spring and push traps.

11. Spring Traps to 2+3: Spring traps can completely take out whole units, making them useful against boxer giants. Upgrading them allows them to pop up more troop space.

12. Push Traps to 2+3: Lastly for the traps to upgrade at BH3, we have the push traps. Upgrading these doesn’t really do a lot which is why they are saved for last.

13. Walls to 3: And finally, we have walls to three, which is a complete ripoff. Upgrading your walls to level 3 costs 100k a pop, which is outrageous and why they are last to upgrade with your gold.

Elixir Upgrades

Gold Mine to 3: Like I said before, try to upgrade your gold mines and elixir collectors early so that you can squeeze out a little bit extra gold if you hit the loot cap.

Buy Gold Storage+Gold Storage to 2: Again, like I said, you want to upgrade your storages because you don’t want to hit your resource cap and still have attacks left to get loot.

Star Laboratory to 3: The laboratory gains access to all troops, which is why it should be upgraded first out of all your army buildings. You can get your troops upgraded which helps a lot in battle.

Barracks to 4: Upgrading your barracks from 2 to 4, unlocked boxer giants and beta minions, which are two troops that you can learn that will help you be able to push higher in certain situations.

Barbarians to 6: I liked upgrading my barbarians to 6 because level 6 unlocks a huge bonus for barbarians. At level 6, you can now hold 10 barbarians, which is a huge amount for one army camp.

Archers to 6: For your next troop upgrade, I would upgrade archers because they are versatile and can be used in almost any army composition that you can make up.

Beta Minions to 4: Third up, we have the beta minions which can easily get destroyed on offense or do the destroying. Honestly, upgrading them doesn’t do much which is why they are late on this list.

Boxer Giants to 4: And finally, we have the boxer giant which is my least favorite and least used troop. It is really only used as a tank, which means upgrading it doesn’t add to your attack.

Gem Mine: Let’s be real, the gem mine sucks. At level 1 the gem mine earns you 2.1 gems A DAY. Spending 180k elixir to upgrade it will bring you an extra .3 gems a day. Self explanatory to why it is last on the list.

That is going to be every possible upgrade that you can do at Builder Hall 3 and what order you can do those upgrades in! I hope that this helps you guys make smarter upgrades to progress further and faster in the Builder’s Base part of Clash of Clans. Thanks for reading and comment down below if you agree with our upgrade order and if you think anything should be changed.

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  2. This is really helpful for me to use on my base, even though it’s now level 4 (but very under-leveled). Hey, also make sure to accept the gmail I sent you, to be able to post on NiceGamingAdvice! Keep the clash content coming, I love it and use it all the time!


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