Clash of Clans New Freeze Trap Strategy

For December 2016, Clash of Clans has announced the new freeze trap, available in Clash of Clans for a limited time. The freeze trap is a new trap that will freeze your opponents troops for a few seconds. It is pretty neat and lets go ahead and get into the freeze trap strategy!

Clash of Clans Freeze Trap Strategy

Freeze Trap Stats

For the freeze trap, there is no upgrading, so all the stats will be the same regardless of what Town Hall level you are. Here are the stats for a freeze trap!

Clash of Clans Freeze Spell Levels Statistics

The duration of a freeze trap is quite long, at 5 seconds. 5 seconds freeze is the same as a level 1 freeze spell within the Clash of Clans attacking sphere. Along with the freeze spell, the freeze trap will be able to freeze both ground and air units.

While the trigger radius is 2 tiles, but the freeze trap seems to be freezing all units within 4.5 tiles radius. This means that it might be triggered by just one troop, but freeze multiple ones.

Freeze Trap Placement

Where you should place your freeze trap is extremely important in order to get the maximum results from this trap. There are two different places you should locate your new freeze trap.

Centralized Freeze Trap- The centralized freeze trap places the freeze trap right in the center of your base, close to x-bows and inferno towers that can melt all the frozen troops. This is an anti-2 and 3 star strategy, designed for pushing.

Clash of Clans Centralized Freeze Trap

Wall Protecting Freeze Trap- On the other hand, placing your freeze trap on the outside of your base to protect from any giants pounding away at your walls is a more farming approach. This will help stall the raid before it has really began.

Clash of Clans Outside Freeze TrapThat’s all I’ve got today about freeze trap strategy and a quick freeze trap guide! I hope you guys enjoyed and were informed and make sure to check back tomorrow for some more Supercell content!

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