Clash Royale: Tips and Decks to Reach Legendary Arena

Hitting Legendary Arena in Clash Royale for the first time is basically the biggest achievement in the game to date. For all of you level 8s and level 9s, today I’m going to help you hit Arena 10 for the first time by giving you some of the best decks and tips to get your there! Buckle up and take notes for this guide as it can help you not only get to Legendary Arena, but also progress in the game no matter how many trophies you have.

Clash Royale Legendary Arena

Best Tips for Hitting Legendary Arena

Even if you have the greatest, most meta deck in all of Clash Royale, if you don’t know some tips, then there is no way you will be able to hit legendary arena. Therefore, here are some simple, yet effective tips that will make winning on the ladder MUCH easier.

Find a deck that works and stick with it: If you find one deck that really works for you around Royal Arena/Level 7 then you can learn the deck inside and out. Having one deck that you know well allows you to master the gameplay and therefore play better and win easier. Also, the cards you use in that deck will be leveled up high due to multiple requests.

Play strong, overleveled cards: Going along with decks that work for you, you want to overlevel those cards. For example, as a level 9, you want to have some level 11 commons for the deck that you always use. Cards taht you should overlevel are elite barbarians, royal giant, and minion horde as commons are the easiest to get and upgrade!

Have decent card levels: Unfortunately, you do need to have high level cards in order to make it to Legendary Arena. Having level 6 commons just isn’t going to cut it. This is why you should overlevel your cards so that you have viable card option in high Jungle Arena. The minimum level cards for making Arena 10 is as follows (exceptions can obviously happen!) Commons: 9, Rares: 6, Epics: 2

Save your gold: Since you are only going to be playing 1 deck as a hard pushing deck, you shouldn’t waste your gold upgrading other cards that you don’t play. Even when it looks nice to get that new epic to 2 or 3, if you don’t use it, there is no reason to spend your hard-earned gold upgrading it. That gold can be used for upgrading your real deck.

Learn from your battles: Learning is everything in Clash Royale. When you learn from your losses, you can become a better player immediately. Know what cards you are weak against and come up with the best combos to counter them. Then, once you play the difficult cards again, you will be prepared and not make the same mistake.

Play smart and don’t overextend: Overextending can lead your push to inflict 0 zero while your opponent takes your tower. Instead, play smart and only make plays when you know that they will work. For example, if your opponent is rocking the log, don’t throw a goblin barrel when you know it is in rotation. Wait for him to play it, then immediately send your barrel!

Stop after losing streaks: Believe it or not, streaking is a real problem in Clash Royale. If you have lost even 2 battles in a row, STOP PLAYING. First, you will be frustrated and not be thinking clearly. Also, streaking can overtake you quickly and drop you from 2900 down to Frozen Peak in one session. Don’t take the risk!

Best Decks for Hitting Legendary Arena

So now that you know some basic insider tips for helping you get to Arena 10, you are going to need some decks to help you along the way. Here are 4 great, very different decks, for which at least one should match your playing style. Take your pick, read the strategy, and get ready for the trophies to start raking in!

Giant Graveyard Legendary Arena Deck-

Clash Royale Giant Graveyard Legendary Arena Deck

The play here is pretty simple. Play defense with your many cards and then get your big push going. Giant in front, with the graveyard following on the tower a second later. Tower. GONE.

Hog Cycle Legendary Arena Deck-

Clash Royale Hog Cycle Legendary Arena Deck

For this deck, you want to get constant chip damage off on your opponents tower. This can come via the hog, via the mini-P.E.K.K.A., whatever! If hog gets 8 hits on the tower, you are basically guaranteed the win.

Royal Giant Musketeer Legendary Arena Deck-

Clash Royale Royal Giant Musketeer Legendary Arena Deck

The feared royal giant… just set up in the back with a musketeer or princess and then play royal giant as the support unit gets to the river. Best push though: royal giant+minions with zap or log at the ready.

Payfecta Zap Bait Legendary Arena Deck-

Clash Royale Payfecta Zap Bait Legendary Arena Deck

This is the deck style that first got me to Legendary Arena and it still works. Chip, chip, chip! Miner should be sent over almost as soon as you get it in your hand and try to bait out the log with skarmy. More princess damage=more chance to win.

Golem Beatdown Legendary Arena Deck-

Clash Royale Golem Beatdown Legendary Arena Deck

Beatdown is the name of the deck and its the name of the game. You want to build up elixir as much as possible until you reach 1 minute left. From there you play golem and build up support units behind.

That’s I have for you guys on how to reach Legendary Arena for the first time. I hope that you enjoyed, but more importantly, gained some major insight and strategy so that you can hit the big Arena 10 soon. Thanks for reading and come back soon!

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4 thoughts on “Clash Royale: Tips and Decks to Reach Legendary Arena

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  2. I did find a deck that really worked for me, but I do not play much, so my level is too low to do much with it. It’s not the best deck in the world, but it is stable, meaning you never get bulldozed, and it is amazing how many counters come out of the deck. I never had to change it when a new card is released, because there was already a counter for it. The one thing I do not like about the deck is how slow it is.


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