Clash Royale Chest Cycle Pattern for ALL Chests!

Despite how randomly Clash Royale might seem to give you chests, whether it is a magical chest, super magical chest, or silver chest, there is a specific chest cycle pattern in Clash Royale for ALL chests! I’m going to be explaining when and why you will get chests at a certain time in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale Chest Cycle for all Chest

What is the Chest Cycle Pattern?

Instead of chests being random, there is a 240 chest cycle which runs through every 240 chests you open. The chest cycle starts when you win your first battle in Goblin Stadium. After you complete the pattern, it will restart, starting the cycle all over again.

If your chests are full and you win a battle, the chest cycle will pause until you have a chest slot open. Lets show you guys what the 240 chest cycle looks like!

Chest Cycle Pattern

Here is the full chest cycle for the 240 chests!

Clash Royale 240 Chest Cycle Pattern

If you guys look, you can see that there is a mini cycle every 40 chests. For every 40 chests you can count on 30 of those being silver chests, in the same order every 40. There will be 8-9 gold chests with 1-2 giant or magical chests every 40 chests as well. For the full 240, you end with 180 silver chests, 52 gold chests, 4 giant chests, and 4 magical chests.

How About Legendary, Epic, and Super Magical Chests?

So if you read through this whole list, you might be wondering where the legendary, epic, and super magical chests fall within the 240 chest cycle. There is no set place for these chest but they have their own cycle rules.

Epic and Legendary Chests: These two newest chests will appear once each with the 240 chest cycle. However, they don’t have an assigned number and could appear 1-2 or 239-240. The first time you get a legendary chest, an epic chest will immediately follow it. However, after the first time they will appear at any time with 240 chests, most likely apart.

Super Magical Chests: Super magical chests are even more rare than epic and legendary chests, appearing once every 500 chests! This breaks up the cycle a bit, but you can expect one SMC about every 2 cycles. These are VERY rare!

That’s basically all there is to the chest cycle. You can figure out where you are on the list based on when you get your next giant or magical chest if you are curious. Thanks for reading and come back soon for more Clash Royale content!

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