Most Meta Deck #15: Golem Night Witch Deck

The meta is always changing within Clash Royale and for the 15th time, we have the new best deck within Clash Royale! This deck is a golem night witch beatdown deck, centered around getting as many crowns as possible in Clash Royale. Here is some gameplay and strategy around the best deck in Clash Royale right now, a golem night witch deck!

Golem Night Witch Deck Clash Royale

Golem Night Witch Deck Overview

Golem Night Witch Deck Clash Royale

This golem night witch deck really depends upon building up a huge push centered around the golem and the night witch as your main offensive units. With the golem being so expensive, it is going to have to usually come in the final minute of the battle when you are getting double elixir and can afford to spend more than 10 elixir on a push. Play your golem in the back and once it reaches the bridge, it is time to combine it with the night witch, which will offer ground and air support due to her bats! If the bats lock onto the tower, there is a big chance that the tower will fall.

Along with the night witch, you can also combine the mega minion and baby dragon with the golem. Optimally, you are going to want to have golem, night witch, and mega minion/baby dragon in a single push. Of course, the mega minion and baby dragon are also used on defenses, against both single units and swarm units. Unlike the versatility of those two troops, the skeletons are meant to be used purely on defense, where they can be used as a cheap counter to almost any troop. One elixir can give you a massive positive elixir trade!

Lastly, let’s cover the two spells and elixir collector in this deck. With an average elixir cost of 4.3, you desperately need the elixir collector in order to keep the elixir flowing and support your pushes. Play one early and aim to have at least two down on your map by the time double elixir hits. The lightning should be used to take down medium health units like the e-wiz and wizard that are used to defend against your golem, as well as damaging the tower. Lastly, the log is a great card to have in any deck, especially this golem night witch deck. With popular counters to the golem being skeleton army and goblin gang, the log can clear away those easily.

Building up with Elixir Pumps

As mentioned above, the elixir collector is extremely critical to the success of this golem night witch deck. Having that extra elixir flow coming in allows for you to afford your expensive deck and use the cards like the golem and lightning. That being said, you want to have two elixir pumps down by the final minute in order to afford the cards that you are going to need to win the game!

Golem Night Witch Deck Clash Royale

These two pumps will really get your opponent scared and provide you what you need in order to run a 4.3 elixir deck. You’ll be shocked at how quickly you will be able to afford cards and play them during your push!

Lightning Cycling

Like every deck, this golem night witch deck has a big damage dealing spell (fireball, rocket, or lightning). You need to use the lightning to your advantage to get a bit of extra damage upon your opponents tower. Of course, you don’t just want to play the lightning by itself on the tower, since it can hit three different troops/buildings at once. The lightning spell is powerful enough to take out medium health units like the musketeer and witch, so whenever there is one played near the tower (or better yet two!), be sure to play your lightning spell to take out the unit and damage the tower a little bit!

Golem Night Witch Deck Clash Royale

At tournament level, the lightning spell does 346 damage onto arena towers, meaning that you only need 8 lightning spells to take down the tower. Of course, you won’t get 8 down during 3 minutes, but if you can get two or three LS down, then that goes a long way in allowing you to take down a tower!

Massive Golem Pushes

Now the whole entire purpose of a golem deck is to build up a MASSIVE push! In an ideal battle, you don’t want to show your opponent you have the golem until the final minute where you gain the advantage due to double elixir. Every time that you push with the golem, you should include the night witch, but also try to include either the baby dragon or mega minion as well, if not both!

Golem Night Witch Deck Clash Royale

With these 4 units combined, it is nearly impossible to stop. All defenses are covered, as the three support units do single, multi, ground, and air damage! The golem will provide insane tanking value, as well as doing quite a bit of damage to the tower when it locks on. If your push is still going strong after you take the first tower, keep it alive by adding more troops as you push for the three crown!

Countering the Best Decks

In order to win with any deck, you still need to know how to counter the most popular decks and combos with Clash Royale at the moment. Here are 4 of the most popular combos right now and how you can beat them with this deck.

LavaLoonion: LavaLoonion is quite easy to counter using this deck due to your abundance of air shooting troops. First off, play your baby dragon to take out the hound, while you place your mega minion right on the balloon.

Golem Night Witch Deck Clash Royale

Golem Beatdown: In any deck, you need to be able to beat the deck you are playing! This one is also pretty easy since you have so many strong defensive cards. Place your night witch and mega minion on the golem, while you trade baby dragon for baby dragon.

Golem Night Witch Deck Clash Royale

Hog Executioner: Since you don’t have a defense, defending the hog rider can be tricky. You are going to take some damage, but you can play skeletons around the hog to limit it. Play the mega minion onto the executioner to keep it distracted while your tower finished the hog off.

Golem Night Witch Deck Clash Royale

Knight Three Musketeers: Lastly, we have a deck that our lightning spell can do some serious damage against. You want to use the lightning on the 3Ms immediately, making sure not to catch the knight. Then, play your skeletons on the knight.

Golem Night Witch Deck Clash Royale

That is going to wrap it up for this week’s edition of the most meta deck in Clash Royale! I hope that you guys enjoyed this article and can use this deck to help you win out there on the ladder. Thanks for reading and comment down below what deck you are currently using in Clash Royale!

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