Arena 8+ Golem Lumberjack BEATDOWN Deck

With 3 cards being buffed in the last balancing update, this golem lumberjack deck is at the top of the meta for decks in Clash Royale! The golem is one of the strongest tanks in Clash Royale, and when combined with the night witch and lumberjack it becomes one of the best decks in Clash Royale! Here’s the strategy and gameplay behind this amazing golem beatdown deck!

Golem Lumberjack Deck Overview

Golem Lumberjack Deck Clash Royale Arena 8

There are few synergies in Clash Royale as dominant as the relationship between the golem and the lumberjack. The golem provides a huge tank while the lumberjack is versatile unit that can defend off any defending troops, dropping a rage when he passes on. Together, they work seamlessly, with each one helping out the other’s weaknesses. Of course, you don’t need to play them together to succeed, but together they are nearly impossible (especially with the night witch). Don’t play the golem until double elixir (unless you see a perfect opportunity) and be sure to play the lumberjack on defense!

While there aren’t too many cheap support cards in this deck, the high health-medium cost units can fend off many strong pushes. The mini-PEKKA is amazing at taking down golems and giants, great at defense for just 4 elixir. The mega minion is going to be your primary air defense. Be weary against air decks since the mega minion is the only real defense to these decks. Lastly, we have the night witch, which is going to be the premiere support card in this golem lumberjack deck. She’s great for dropping in behind the golem, but she’s also quite effective at defense, providing air support with her bats if you are lacking the mega minion.

For our final 3 cards, we have two spells and the all-important elixir collector. You definitely need the elixir collector in this deck in order to be able to afford the cards played. Also, you have two spells that have amazing synergy with the golem, the zap and the poison. The zap is going to be used for quick counters, mostly against skeleton army and goblin gang. As for the poison, you want this to clear a big swath of defending troops near the tower, hoping to get some chip damage on the tower as well.

Building up with the Elixir Collector

With the average elixir cost of this deck being 4.4, we desperately need the elixir collector in order to be successful and get crowns. The pump will give you elixir when you are really hurting for it. In times of stalled play, the elixir collector is the way to go, as it can give you the advantage over your opponent.

Clash Royale Elixir Collectors

Try to have two elixir collectors down by the time you hit double elixir. By having two elixir pumps feeding you elixir, you’ll be able to easily afford to do golem pushes and support them with multiple units. The elixir collector is really the life and blood of this deck, so you need to make sure that you are constantly deploying it.

Poison Chip Damage

As with every big spell that you have in any deck, the poison should be used to help chip down the tower to make it easier for it to fall. The poison now does more damage than an equivalent fireball, just over a longer period of time. This means that just a few poisons on the tower can lead to you having a huge HP advantage.

Golem Poison Deck Clash Royale

Of course, the best time to play the poison would be when your golem is heading down the lane in the middle of a large push. The best thing about the poison is that it clears big areas of small troops, which is perfect when playing a golem deck. Even medium health units like the musketeer can die under a poison, which gives you a great opportunity.

Defending Big Pushes

Every deck, no matter how good it is offensively, needs to be able to defend your tower from harm. Thanks to having so many great defensive units in this deck, you should have no problem taking down big golem pushes. In general, you want to use your mini-PEKKA as the primary damage-dealer against tanks. Your lumberjack can also deal here, if the mini-PEKKA isn’t in rotation. Your night witch should be used as a bat spawner, building up tons of bats to help take down units. Lastly, the mega minion should mostly be played to take out support units. With its strong health, it should be able to take out most support units.

Countering Golem Clash Royale

And with that, we are going to wrap up our golem lumberjack beatdown deck guide! I really hope you guys are enjoying our new double weekly deck guides and are learning more about how to play different decks. Thanks for reading and comment below what deck guide you would like to see next!

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