Clash of Clans Halloween Update: Halloween Obstacle and New Troops

The Clash of Clans Halloween 2017 update is here, bringing with it new troops like the giant skeleton and pumpkin barbarians and a new seasonal obstacle that looks like a skull. Keep in mind that the new features are not in Clash of Clans yet, but should be added soon! Here’s every feature in the Clash of Clans Halloween update!

Clash of Clans Halloween 2017 Update

Giant Skeleton

The first of the seasonal troops that will be added to Clash of Clans is the giant skeleton. The giant skeleton comes from Clash Royale, making it the third Clash Royale troop to have a place in Clash of Clans (battle ram and ice wizard). Here’s a glance at the giant skeleton’s statistics!Giant Skeleton Halloween Clash of Clans

It is presumed that the giant skeleton will work exactly like it does in Clash Royale, doing decent damage until dead when a BIG bomb explodes! The giant skeleton should be able to be trained very soon within the game.

Learn more about the giant skeleton:

Pumpkin Barbarians

The second new troop in the Halloween update isn’t really a new troop, but instead just barbarians with pumpkins on their heads. It isn’t really clear if the new barbarians will have a statistics change, but here’s what we’ve got on them anyways.

Pumpkin Barbarians Halloween Clash of Clans

I think it will be awesome to have these new and improved barbarians running around in 1v1 attacks! Adding the pumpkin to the head really makes it into a great Halloween event.

Learn more about pumpkin barbarians:

Halloween Obstacle

As with every Halloween event dating back to the beginning of Clash of Clans, there will be a new obstacle with Halloween theming. This new obstacle looks something of an animal skull, probably a dragon skull if I had to guess. Here’s a glance at the 2017 Halloween obstacle!

Halloween Obstacle 2017 Clash of Clans Update

This new obstacle isn’t spawning in Clash of Clans quite yet, but we can expect that it should be soon as Halloween is only a week away. You should try to get one on the edge of your village if you can, that way you can save it forever!

1 Gem Spell Brewing Boost

The final update in the Clash of Clans Halloween event is the 1 gem spell brewing boost, going along with the witch theming for Halloween. You will be able to boost both your spell factory and your dark spell factory for only one gem during the Halloween event. Take advantage of this boost to train your army up faster for much much cheaper.

So like every year, it is nice to see a seasonal update for Clash of Clans, especially with new troops and new obstacles! The 1 gem boost is also great for training your army quickly. Once again, remember that only the seasonal obstacles and loading screen are in place; the new troops and skull obstacles haven’t been implemented yet. Thanks for reading and comment below your opinion of this Halloween update!

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