Builder Hall 8 Gameplay LEAKED in Clash of Clans

Builder Hall 8, coming in the March 2018 update, has been leaked in Clash of Clans! We know what every building at BH8 looks like, as well as leaked gameplay of the Super PEKKA and the mega tesla, the new troop and defense unlocked at Builder Hall 8.

Builder Hall 8 Leaked Clash of Clans

Builder Hall 8 Leaked

Builder Hall 8 will be released in the March 2018 update, which was leaked yesterday by the Clash of Clans team. BH8 isn’t out yet, but we were able to get these images of the base design for Builder Hall 8. All of the defenses, buildings, and walls here are max level, showing off how good BH8 is for Builder Base in Clash of Clans!

Builder Hall 8 Leaked Clash of Clans

Everything gets a bit of a gold tinge to it, making the feel of BH8 gold and steel! Even with the super PEKKA coming to Clash of Clans, it is still going to be very difficult to beat these Builder Hall 8s! Let’s go ahead and check out the super PEKKA and mega tesla leaked gameplay!

Super PEKKA and Mega Tesla Gameplay

The super PEKKA is going to be the exclusive BH8 troop, while the mega tesla will be the defense first unlocked at Builder Hall 8. The super PEKKA is an amazing troop, that does absolutely insane damage when he dies. The Clash of Clans has stated that they think she will be the most powerful troop in Builder Bas when she is released.

As for the mega tesla, it can definitely match up against the super PEKKA. The mega tesla is sort of like the giant cannon, dealing absolutely insane damage to a single unit. However, unlike the giant cannon, it can target air troops as well, making it even stronger than the powerful giant cannon! Here’s a video showing the mega tesla and super PEKKA in action!

And that wraps it up for the entire Builder Hall 8! The design of the leaked buildings and walls looks awesome, as well as the leaked gameplay for the Super PEKKA and mega tesla. Thanks for reading and comment what you think about Builder Hall 8 in Clash of Clans!

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